February 12, 2002
Only Double A, Thinking Triple X

Sometimes listening to: AA XXX / Peaches

I saw Peaches at the Fireside Bowl once. I think she would have taken off her pants even if it hadn't been 125 degrees in there.


Posted by jjwiseman at February 12, 2002 12:05 AM

Do you think that's Peaches' bottom half? Do you think she has a bottom half?

Posted by: gitmo on February 12, 2002 05:50 PM

Oh, I've seen her bottom half.

I'm pretty sure those are Peaches' bits, but be careful: You don't want to jump to any conclusions about the rest of Peaches based just on that photo. Do your own research first.

And then tell us what you found.

Posted by: jjwiseman on February 13, 2002 07:12 PM

Yes, I've seen the rest of the tree (you can see it, too, at: http://www.dorfdisco.de/rev/peaches.html ), and suffice to say it looks decidely less edible. Quite a contrast, wouldn't you say?

Posted by: gitmo on February 14, 2002 10:31 AM

hey, jj, fix that damn link, would you?

Posted by: gitmo on February 14, 2002 10:33 AM

No matter what, the right link is: http://www.dorfdisco.de/rev/peaches.phtml. It's actually from a gig performed with her friends Gonzales and Taylor Savvy as Feedom, their pre-solo-carreer Group. That night also featured more acts by their acquaintances of the newly founded Audio Chocolate Label, i.e. EC80R, featuring Patric Catani and Gina d'Orio (> Cobra Killer), and the infamous Live act > Sexo Y Droga.

Read more about Peaches, Gonzales, Taylor Savvy, Patric Catani, Cobra Killer, etc. dadela

Btw.- there's more than what U see!
Join the Mailinglist , and get informed!

Posted by: Shuntrock on June 29, 2002 12:17 PM

I saw Peaches in Brazil, she's amazing...

Posted by: Gus on December 31, 2003 08:41 AM

I apologize for the double (now triple) post. I was getting "questionable content" errors on the original post and I didn't think it posted. So I used this as an excuse to try a shorter URL service. A useful misadventure nonetheless!

Posted by: Kevin Davis on December 18, 2004 10:42 AM
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