February 18, 2002
Solving Symbol Conflicts
Error: Using package `INET.UTIL.LOG' results in name conflicts
       for these symbols: WRITE-LOG
  [condition type: PACKAGE-ERROR]

But it can be so hard to figure out exactly where the source of the conflict is. And I sure am lazy. Hence this horrific hack in which I advise intern:

(defun break-on-intern (sym-name)
  (flet ((check-intern (this-sym-name &optional package)
           (declare (ignore package))
           (when (equal sym-name this-sym-name)
    (def-fwrapper intern-wrap (sym-name &optional package)
      (check-intern sym-name)
    (fwrap 'intern 'intern-breaker 'intern-wrap)))

And then:

CL-USER(5): (break-on-intern "WRITE-LOG")
#<Function INTERN>
CL-USER(6): (load "demo-dev-startup")

Surprisingly, it worked. Though of course in the fresh lisp I started, there was no conflict. Heh.

Posted by jjwiseman at February 18, 2002 02:31 PM
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