April 09, 2002
News From Usenet

UFFI: Kevin Rosenberg has a new version of UFFI, with bug fixes and improvements, and a new license: GNU LGPL instead of GNU GPL.

CLSQL: He also released CLSQL, which is based on Pierre Mai's MaiSQL:

  The major changes compared to MaiSQL are:

  - ported FFI from CMUCL to UFFI.
  - new AllegroCL ODBC interface back-end.
  - compatibility layer for CMUCL specific code.
  - much improved robustness of the MySQL back-end.
  - improved system loading.
  - improved packages and symbol export.

  CLSQL has been tested on ACL,LW,CMUCL on both Linux and
  Windows platforms.

mod_lisp: There's a new version of mod_lisp by Marc Battyani:

  From the change log:

  Version 2.2
  Allow more than one Set-Cookie
  Renamed the win32 dll to mod_lisp.dll

  Version 2.1
  Added the possibility to add notes in the apache notes table
  Corrected a multithreading bug in the Win32 version
  Better handling of header only replies.

Hierarchical Packages: Tim Bradshaw has hacked on Franz' sample implementation of hierarchical packages and produced a version that definitely works for cmucl and LispWorks, and "will (should) work in any Lisp that both allows redefinition of CL:FIND-PACKAGE and actually goes through that function in the reader." Which leaves out clisp, at least.

CLX: Peter Van Eynde has a new release of CLX (packaged as part of CLOCC):

  There is support for clisp/sbcl/cmucl and limited support for
  lwl (no unix sockets) and acl (seems to work, but needs testing).
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