April 19, 2002

It's finally time to pack up and move the vast array of servers and robotic tape libraries comprising lemonodor. My tech staff tells me that the process will take at least a week. I asked them to temporarily mirror the site somewhere else, but they keep telling me that's not the right way, the right way is to develop a distributed hypertext system with transparent failover, secure blahblah and referential whatchamacallit, and put the site on that.

So lemonodor might be down for a week or two. Sorry.

Posted by jjwiseman at April 19, 2002 01:39 PM

No! Not when I've just found you again! ;-)

Posted by: Troutgirl on April 19, 2002 07:26 PM

good luck. Don't worry about the referential whatchamacallit, it's just as bad as the referential thingamabob.

Posted by: steve on April 20, 2002 04:12 AM
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