November 11, 2002
One Year Later

One year ago I started lemonodor, courtesy of blogger and blogspot. You can still see some of the old pages with their ripoff a list apart look.

I was working on porting an I/NET application from ACL to CMUCL, and thought it would be a good idea to take notes on the process. And then I had the idea of doing it as a weblog. Actually I had a very specific goal in mind: to make contacts. Whatever that meant; mostly I think it was just to meet some interesting people.

# of unique IPs/month visiting lemonodor
# of unique IPs/month visiting lemonodor, excluding rss and image hits

It's weird. 12 months. Of a weblog. Where's my book deal? Why exactly did I start? How did anyone find it? (I'm glad they did.) How did my life change so much in 12 months? How did I post over 250 items? And who posted those hundreds of comments? Should I just stop now? Maybe I should take guitar lessons instead of this lemonodor stuff. Nah, I think I can do both.

Predictions for the the next twelve lemony months:

  • More code.
  • One cat photo.
Posted by jjwiseman at November 11, 2002 01:32 AM

Only one cat photo?? Okay well just make sure the cat is hyped up on catnip and doing something /really/ crazy before wasting that one photo :)

Definitely glad you did start the weblog. I'd just like to know the inpiration /inspiration moment the name 'lemonodor' was discovered from.

Posted by: charlie mac on November 11, 2002 05:06 AM

Two years ago I interviewed for a job at NASA-JSC (a lisp job, even). Afterward I wanted to send thank-you emails to the people I talked with, but I couldn't think of a good subject line, and for whatever reason I just couldn't accept using the obvious 'thanks' or 'thank you'. A friend recommended "Subject: Source of peculiar lemon odor?".

Now everyone that thought it was French knows the truth. You better not dump me now that I've lost all my mystery.

It would have been a fun job, but that was the year that NASA didn't get a budget until very late. In the meantime, the company I had grown not so happy with (Neodesic) ran out of money and the core research team was extracted right out from under the noses of the security teams by Hosaka commandos, er, I/NET CTOs.

Posted by: jjwiseman on November 11, 2002 11:56 AM

Happy anniversary, John!

My blog also turned one this weekend -- what say we have a one-time only "cat photo blogburst"?

I actually happen to hate cats and think they are egg rolls waiting to happen, but I have one very unflattering photo of my friend's cat that I've been meaning to post for some time.

Posted by: Joey deVilla on November 11, 2002 02:09 PM

I happen to know that John (a) loves cats (b) knows that not all people love cats. Congrats on one year! -- Cmdr Zero

Posted by: Will on November 11, 2002 04:42 PM
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