June 19, 2003
Catching Up

I just caught up on almost two months of comp.lang.lisp.

Dan Barlow posted about his threading proposal:

OK, this is really all just a thinly disguised plug: after taking apart the clocc port MP layer the other day, I put together a proposal of my own. It can be summarized as “CLIM-SYS minus the bits that assume a Lisp-scheduled implementation, plus Posix/Java-style condition variables”.

Eduardo Muņoz mentioned his lisp blogging software. “It's just about 300 lines of code. Runs on CMUCL + usql + PostreSQL.”

Nikodemus Siivola pointed out that Freshmeat has added a common lisp category.

Dmitri Ivanov announced the “first release of YstokSQL, a Common Lisp library for interfacing relational databases via ODBC. The implementation is much inspired by Xanalys(R) CommonSQL, but provides only the functional SQL interface.”

Kenny Tilton reported on the May Lisp-NYC meeting.

Larry Hunter announced a new version of acldoc.el:

I have released a new version of acldoc.el, the documentation browser for Franz' Allegro Common Lisp. This includes a hyperspec, as well as all of the Allegro-specific tools. With W3 (or just the url package) this new acldoc version can use the Franz.com website directly for immediate documentation updates.

“Foggy” alerted everyone to a Symbolics 3653 for sale on ebay (with one day left on the auction it's at $69 and no bids).

Posted by jjwiseman at June 19, 2003 11:58 PM

All the traffic comming from lemonodor pushed me to play with my site.

The whole site is written in lisp (even the static pages) and at the last line count it's 2500 lines of code. And this includes some hidden things, a bookmarks manager, a log facily for dinamic pages plus some other goodies.

The nice thing about mod_lisp is that apache takes care of ssl, graphics, etc, and I only have to write lisp code.

Posted by: Eduardo Muņoz on June 22, 2003 09:59 AM
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