June 28, 2003

at jennie richee they attempt to get away by rolling themselves in floor rugs.  henry darger.

I went to this Playboy sorta party last night. Of course there were remarkable breasts in attendance (friend to actress: “I know your boobs like the back of my hand.”--she edits videos for Playboy), but the two things that stuck with me afterward were (i) dance music can be good and (ii) LA has room for pretty much every little niche subculture and you're free to be whatever kind of character you want, and yet there must be 30,000 guys here that all dress like Axl Rose.

Posted by jjwiseman at June 28, 2003 02:41 PM

How do Lisp programmers get to playboy parties and more importantly, where do I sign up?

Posted by: Katz on June 29, 2003 12:23 PM

perhaps it's the robots, not the lisp (-:

Posted by: Andreas Fuchs on June 29, 2003 10:29 PM

It comes down to a simple formula: 1/4 impeccable fashion sense[1], 1/4 rugged good looks[2], 1/2 je ne sais quois[3].

[1] http://lemonodor.com/images/gaultier.jpg

[2] http://lemonodor.com/images/gallo.jpg

[3] http://lemonodor.com/images/rawr.gif

Posted by: John Wiseman on June 30, 2003 11:05 PM

I think we should have an appelation controllee system for breasts which would exclude the plastic ones -- like bubbly wines have to say "method champenoise" if they're not actually made in Champagne. So when referring to silicone, everyone would have to say "breast-style implants" instead of "breasts". Just a thought! ;-)

Posted by: Troutgirl on July 2, 2003 01:17 PM

"Breast-style implants," perfect!

Posted by: John Wiseman on July 2, 2003 10:23 PM

what about 'breast flavored imitation flesh globules suspended in own sauce'?

Posted by: meatsock on July 15, 2003 02:37 AM
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