February 13, 2005
Recent Highlights of c.l.l

it began with judy

Here are a few highlights of the last few weeks of comp.lang.lisp.

Subject: Announcement: CL-FAD

Edi Weitz packaged up a version of the portable pathname library from Peter Seibel's imminent book, Practical Common Lisp: CL-FAD.

Subject: Final 1st draft chapter of Practical Common Lisp on web

Peter Siebel posted chapter 32, the last one in his upcoming book, to his website. “In this chapter I touch on a few topics not given full coverage elsewhere in the book such as finding libraries, packaging Lisp applications, and optimization so there's some technical meat (i.e. opportunities for technical errors).”

Subject: Lisp added to koders.com

kanzen@mail.com let everyone know that the koders.com website, which is a search engine for source code, has added Lisp code to its index. There is some misguided paranoia in the associated thread.

Subject: [ANN] UnCommon Web 0.3.5 - untitled #7

Marco Baringer announced version 0.3.5 of the web app framework UnCommon Web.

Subject: [Ann] Ah2cl : Another Header To Common Lisp converter

Philippe Brochard has written a C header parser and FFI generator that can generate FFI code for both clisp and UFFI: ah2cl.

Subject: Possible Common Lisp contract available.

Erik Enge advertised for a Lisp programmer.

The project is a webapp, HTML in the front, SQL or somesuch in the back and some Common Lisp in the middle.  You will be responsible for translating the customer's requirements into software and you will be working alone most of the time.  The customer is a mortgage company and the application must handle mortgage applications and the workflow around them; nothing exciting or exotic.

The amount of work is probably enough to fill two full months but perhaps less or more; it's hard to tell at this point.

Subject: My road to Lisp (or why Lisp for poker software)

Joel Reymont's road to Lisp sounds like the beginning of a novel co-written by Tom Clancy, Elmore Leonard and Kent Pitman.

Subject: Re: Data for Erann Gat's chellenge (phone numbers & dictionary).

By popular demand, Erann Gat has placed more data online regarding his famous paper, “Lisp as an Alternative to Java”.

Subject: European Common Lisp Meeting, Amsterdam, April 2005

I nominate Edi Weitz as architect of the Lisp Emergency Broadcast network, when we finally decide we need one. No lispers will be left behind when it comes to knowing about the European Lisp meeting in Amsterdam goes. For some of us the getting there part may be a little more difficult.

Speakers include the following:

Subject: Looking for bored Lisper with GUI chops.

Peter Siebel challenges comp.lang.lisp readers to write a three-pane desktop RSS/Atom reader in Lisp, hopefully better than the 150-line Groovy implementation described in this O'Reilly Network article on the bloglines API.

I don't think that will happen unless someone uses McCLIM, OpenMCL's Cocoa integration, or Java integration. And only one of those options will lead to something non-ugly.

Posted by jjwiseman at February 13, 2005 07:50 PM
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