May 13, 2005
ECLM Audio


Someone should extract the audio from the European Common Lisp Meeting videos and make that available for download in an attempt to salvage something worthwhile from the effort. There's no way I'm going to download 4 gigs of video, shot from the very back of the room, with a tiny little presenter visible off in the distance.

I've seen videos shot secretly by people fearing prosecution and confiscation of their equipment if they were discovered that looked better. Since I can't see what the presenter is doing, just give me the straight up audio, which would be a 200 MB download at most.

It's too bad, I would have loved to have seen what was going on in the SLIME talks.

Update: Markus Fix has the audio from Luke Gorrie's SLIME talk. Yay! Though it does seem possible that in most of the videos it's not possible to either see or hear what's happening. Oh well.

Posted by jjwiseman at May 13, 2005 01:34 PM

Audio extracts are now available thanks to Kevin A. Smith.


Posted by: Edi Weitz on May 15, 2005 11:06 AM
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