October 03, 2005
DARPA Qualifying Run Results

Prospect 11 crashing into a minivan at the DARPA Grand Challenge NQE

Here's a video of the view from inside Princeton's Prospect Eleven autonomous pickup truck as it slams into a couple obstacles on one of its runs at the DARPA Grand Challenge National Qualifying Event.

Yes, robot cars do listen to James Brown when there's nobody on board.

The Grand Challenge discussion forum (RSS feed) has been very active, with lots of talk about how well teams are doing in the qualifying runs, and DARPA has a half-hearted attempt at a multi-team aggregate blog (RSS only?) where the teams are talking and posting pictures and videos.

CarTV has a nice video about the qualifying event (is that a dump truck rendered as a TRON light cycle?). Finally, DARPA has a sucky Flash scoreboard (click on “NQE Results” on the left sidebar) that shows Stanford and CMU doing pretty well.

Posted by jjwiseman at October 03, 2005 08:51 AM
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