December 27, 2005
Fresh CLiki Grease

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The other day someone on #lisp was having issues editing a CLiki page, which led to my discovering that my Greasemonkey script that fixes CLiki's HTML entity handling, sane-cliki.user.js, wasn't working in Firefox 1.0. I've fixed the script (I should have listened to timb back when he first pointed out the problem) and it will let you enter your IRC quotes without any additional hassle.

I would have modified the script to support the ALU's wiki, which uses kiwi underneath and has the same HTML-handling bugs, but I couldn't figure out how to ask kiwi for a page's raw wiki source; the CLiki method of adding “?source” to the page URL doesn't work.

Given Daniel Barlow's other time commitments, I wonder what kind of future CLiki has. The HTML handling was reported as a bug a year and a half ago. The ALU wiki looks pretty nice, and it seems to be a locus of CL Gardener activity, but it has some serious bugs and I haven't seen much development there lately (and the source isn't yet available).

Posted by jjwiseman at December 27, 2005 02:39 PM

You wrote a plugin for Firefox that fixes the CLiki bug, rather than fixing the CLiki bug in CLiki? Fixing the bug itself would have to be the easier of the two.

Posted by: on December 28, 2005 02:56 AM

Actually I have a patch[1] for CLiki that (maybe?) fixes the problem. And you're right, it's not a hard problem to fix. But I can't force anyone to apply a patch.


Posted by: John Wiseman on December 28, 2005 09:03 AM
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