June 14, 2006
McCloud Interview, New Tufte Book

making comics

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Scott McCloud, with some pages from his new book.

“The book starts with a radical new look at the process of comics. I just blow past the layout, penciling, inking thing (which I really think only applies some of the time nowadays, when we have all these new tools).”

Instead, McCloud breaks the creation of comics into five choices made as part of the creative process: Choices of moment, frame, image, word and flow.

“Ninety percent of the book is about those subjects that the other books just aren't talking about. I hope if I've done my job right, it's the book you want to read first, before you learn how to draw thigh muscles or how to draw the cape or how to make the runes on that sword look really cool.”

“The thing about 'Making Comics' is that it goes beyond just comics because I talk about things like storytelling and world-creation and elements of style and these are things that go just beyond 'How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.'”

Edward Tufte also has a new book out, Beautiful Evidence.

beautiful evidence

A draft chapter is available at Tufte's site.

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