June 16, 2006
Patrick Collison and Croma

cyborg panda
More pics here.

An article on Patrick Collison and Croma: “A 16 year old school boy develops a programming language for Web

I don't know anything about the British Computer Society, but the article's peculiar focus on the fact that he used a Mac plus the expansion of Lisp as “List Processor” is suspicious.

I'm not sure just what the timeline for Croma-in-C is. I know Patrick recently declined Summer of Code-style funding to work on it based on not having enough time to get it done before the deadline. “A half-written language is of no use to anyone, and I don't want to take the risk with someone else's money.”

Later: Patrick says “It was lifted almost verbatim from an Apple PR piece which explains quite neatly why it _reads_ like an Apple PR piece. I'd really appreciate it if you could add a mention of this fact to the post.”

Posted by jjwiseman at June 16, 2006 02:47 PM

So, it's yet another web programming language.

But at least the author seems to have some style in choosing his tools and being honest to the croud, which wants to see some code.

I'll bet it's avaiable before the HURD live CD for Arc programmers. Don't know if there's enough time to code the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever website in Croma. :-)

Posted by: Stefan Scholl on June 17, 2006 01:14 AM

The BCS are awful. Their whole mission seems to be to tell their members how "relevant" they are, when anything like the government carefully consulting and ignoring them happens, and to flog crappy certifications. As far as I know, the only reason to join them is to get letters after one's name, in the hope that it will impress the unwary.

Posted by: Marcin on June 17, 2006 01:45 AM

As a Brit, and a nerd, I can tell you I am not a member of the BCS, nor do I know anyone who is!

Posted by: Jon on June 18, 2006 07:58 PM
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