August 02, 2006
Corman Lisp Update

I was a little worried when I was checking sidebar links the other day and I saw that the Corman Lisp Yahoo group hadn't had any activity since 2005. It always feels like some of the smaller Lisp companies barely scrape by and could disappear at any time. But then I figured out that Corman started their own web-based forum on their own website, and they seem to be in good shape:

Our business is going well--our formal incorporation completed today. We are now Corman Technologies Inc.

Our primary business these days is medical software contracts, and we have some excellent new opportunities there. We leverage our Lisp technology where we can, and spread the word about Lisp. The hospital product I developed for Eclipsys is enjoying widespread use and runs a Lisp engine (that I wrote) internally. While the software tools market is very difficult to make money in (with so many free tools out there, and loss-leader sponsorship by companies like Sun, Microsoft and IBM), the medical market is huge and growing. Hence our priorities.

But our Lisp work is what I will always be most proud of and we will continue to develop Corman Lisp and to support it as a key product and company differentiator. People in the medical informatics area are mostly familiar with Lisp and I generally find they are impressed by our work in this area.

Posted by jjwiseman at August 02, 2006 07:09 PM

there are a few other long-time lisp users who have been doing a lot of work in Common Lisp for the healthcare industry.

Posted by: warren on August 3, 2006 09:48 AM

Thanks for spreading the word about us. We are preparing a new release of Corman Lisp within the coming weeks that will be far more solid, with a much more feature-rich IDE and such niceties as auto-updating (for patches) and dynamic menus that customize to the file you are editing. Most of the PCs I am developing and testing on now are dual CPU, and this has helped me to find a number of issues having to do with threading. Lisp threads are now running well on multiple simultaneous CPUs and showing the performance results you would expect. More info about our release (now called Corman Lisp 3.0) is available on our forums.

Roger Corman

Posted by: Roger Corman on August 29, 2006 10:01 PM
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