November 03, 2006
Word on MCL for Intel Macs

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A short update from Digitool on the status of MCL for Intel Macs:

To the MCL community,

I apologize that it has taken so long for us the answer the questions about MCL and the new Intel Macs.

The short answer is that we are working on a port to the Intel machines. We don't have an accurate idea of when the port will be ready, but it is a priority. The port is made difficult because Apple uses Intel processors with only 8 general purpose registers. Other vendors use Intel processors with 16 general purpose registers. Changing from 32 general purpose registers on PPC to the 8 registers on the Intel Macs is much more complicated than it would be to transition from 32 to 16 general purpose registers. The 68K had 16 semi-general purpose registers - 8 "A" registers and 8 "D" registers.

An additional problem is that the Apple Rosetta dynamic translator that is supposed to be able to run PPC applications on Intel processors does not work for some applications and MCL is one of those. Apple has given no indication that they intend to fix the translator.

I hope I have answered any questions about the future of MCL, but if there is anything else anyone would like to know please feel free to contact me.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 03, 2006 03:05 PM
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