January 07, 2002

I sent in a little patch to cmucl.

Mike suspected that cmucl's buggy connect-to-inet-socket function was the one responsible for the file descriptor leak we were seeing in Echo, the one that locked it up after a day or so when it had 1024 open files and the operating system put a stop to things. He was right.

connect-to-inet-addr wouldn't connect to an address given in ipaddr form if it couldn't lookup the hostname corresponding to that IP, and it leaked a file descriptor every time it errored out in that way (it would also leak a descriptor if you gave it a hostname that it couldn't resolve).

There was reluctance by some cmucl developers to believe that it was a bug to be unable to connect to an IP given in ipaddr format for which a reverse DNS lookup could not be done. I don't know why.

So I fixed it.

It would have been somewhat easier to track down what was going wrong if the linux proc filesystem had some more documentation. Like, how do I find out what this is:

Posted by jjwiseman at January 07, 2002 02:58 PM
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