February 14, 2002
Going Pro

ITA Software is the hot company right now that's hiring for the near-mythical "Lisp job". But what if you don't want to sell plane tickets?

As far as I know, the classic ai+lisp-jobs@cs.cmu.edu mailing list is dead, which is unfortunate as it used to be an great resource.

Franz has a great list of Lisp career postings, with 13 companies listed (two in the past three months: MDL and DotCast).

In comp.lang.lisp, Steven Haflich shares what he learned from writing an automatic Lisp job aggregator tool:

  Of all the major jobs sites that I scanned in this project, by
  far the most productive was monster.com.  I don't know why, but
  they seemed always to have a larger number of "interesting"
  Lisp jobs than the competitors.  It is true that a year or two
  ago there were more jobs than now, but I believe this is more
  due to general economic conditions than the relevance of Lisp.

(Don't worry, the instant the company I work for starts hiring more Lisp programmers, I'll let you know.)

Posted by jjwiseman at February 14, 2002 10:03 AM
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