February 08, 2002
LispWorks 4.2 Released

I've hardly used LispWorks, but I know there are people that really like it. Xanalys has just released version 4.2.

Xanalys mentions the following improvements:

All Platforms: Improved documentation, Syntax coloring/highlighting, Windows keys emulation, Improved multithreading in IDE, Toolbars and other improvements in IDE, New CAPI elements: text-input-range, tree-view, tooltip, Extended sockets API, CORBA Object URLs. Win32 and Linux: Foreign parser: FLI generator/header files conversion tool, Improved runtime efficiency. Win32: COM client and server interface and COM browsers, MDI, New CAPI element: docking-layout. Linux and Unix: ODBC interface. Unix: New CAPI elements: progress-bar, toolbar, HP-UX11 support

The Personal Edition ("Now with more generous heap size limit in version 4.2!") is free for downloading.

Posted by jjwiseman at February 08, 2002 04:34 PM
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