May 31, 2002
Loving Lisp

Mark Watson is writing a free introductory book on Common Lisp called Loving Lisp, or the Savvy Programmer's Secret Weapon (there's a PDF file in the downloadable zip file).

He says "My goal is to write something that an experienced programmer can work through in a couple of evenings to see if she likes Common Lisp."

It's only about 1/3 complete, but from skimming over it it looks like it could become a helpful resource for people new to lisp. And he's looking for feedback so if you have any comments, email him.

I remember Watson's book Common Lisp Modules fondly as the only lisp book available at the time (1994) that (i) had graphics and (ii) used a Mac.

Posted by jjwiseman at May 31, 2002 03:02 PM

i need the book

Posted by: munir on February 15, 2006 02:00 AM
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