June 20, 2002
'Thinking' Robot In Escape Bid

From The Age:

Scientists running a pioneering experiment with "living robots" which think for themselves today said they were amazed to find one escaping from the centre where it "lives".

Uh huh.

[Professor Noel Sharkey] later found it had travelled down an access slope, through the front door of the centre and was eventually discovered at the main entrance to the car park when a visitor nearly flattened it with his car.

Sharkey said: "Since the experiment went live in March they have all learned a significant amount and are becoming more intelligent by the day but the fact that it had ability to navigate itself out of the building and along the concrete floor to the gates has surprised us all."

Like I'm not surprised by unexpected software behavior and witness to robot escapes every day.

I'm such a wet blanket.

Note that the Living Robots exhibit at which this happened was developed by Noel Sharkey, who is a judge on Robot Wars.

Posted by jjwiseman at June 20, 2002 11:42 AM
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