September 18, 2002
If Baywatch Were a Public Access Show

In a pleasant coincidence, Jason Kottke links to "probably the most difficult-to-read weblog [he has] ever come across", the Computational Complexity weblog, and it's by Lance Fortnow, who was the professor I first talked to about going to the University of Chicago for grad school.

This was back when I thought I was interested in theory (math) instead of AI. I drove to U of C to get the lay of the land, and Lance took some time to talk to me. I was impressed; an article had just come out that summer in Scientific American about the holographic proof technique that he had helped develop, and there he was, friendly and warm, describing the department to me and gently clueing me in that no matter how smart I thought i was, everyone else there was really fucking smart too.

And now he's busy writing an ultra serious weblog, which makes me feel slightly less guilty about lemonodor being the Baywatch of computer science (only much less popular).

Posted by jjwiseman at September 18, 2002 09:32 AM
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