September 17, 2002
Langband 0.1

Langband 0.1, Stig E Sandoe's lispy Angband alternative, has been released. This is the first public release.

Stig says

The release is a concept release, and may miss some of the advanced features. What it does have is:

  • Graphical tiles for X11, *including* images. Images is a feature not found in any other angband variant. See
  • Most commands (eat, drop, drink, pick up, read, zap wands)
  • Basic fighting and basic spells
  • Most common objects with effects
  • Doors, traps, corridors and rooms in the dungeon
  • Aggressive monsters and nasty combat attacks by monsters
  • Bows, wands, staves and rods and a fireball for your enemies
  • Simple stores, a simple home and quick to create a character

More info about features and missing features may be found on the Langband website at Information about downloading it for a go:

Questions and feedback is appreciated. Either mail or ask on the newsgroup

Posted by jjwiseman at September 17, 2002 12:03 AM
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