September 29, 2002
Pasty Cannoli Girl

Sarah Vowell isn't as funny looking in real life.

Sarah Vowell, looking... what? pleased?

She and David Rakoff spoke at UCLA last night. I went because I enjoyed her book Take the Cannoli, and I left thinking that Rakoff was OK, but that I was definitely going to get her new book to help me work out my issues over the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

In the lame Q&A afterward, Sarah said that LA was her favorite place to read. I wonder why.

Posted by jjwiseman at September 29, 2002 11:42 AM

Oooh! Let us know how _The Partly-Cloudy Patriot_ is. I was thinking of reading it, but it would be ever so much nicer if you would read it first and tell me if it's worthwhile. Although wow, that photo puts me off her because it seems to indicate that she has a taste for Drama over simple goodness -- I mean, she was probably a fairly ordinary looking person before she got all up into the bronzing powder and the faintly sinister nosetip, I mean lipstick.

Posted by: Troutgirl on September 29, 2002 04:05 PM

All writers say that is their favorite place to read where is the city in which they're currently reading. It's a rule.

Also, I adore Sarah Vowell. What other Lisp website has posts about Sarah Vowell? This is why lemonodor is such a great weblog.

Posted by: R. Church on September 29, 2002 10:03 PM

i feel it necessary to make note that there was no indication that sarah was kissing ass or otherwise trying to woo the audience. she made no attempts to veil her snorts at ridiculous questions, so i think she really means it. i especially believe it since she said it's because the people here are so receptive and nice to her -- possibly, she thinks, due to the fact that we're all stuck in our cars all the time and radio is the only escape. so she's our de facto heroine.

i can live with that.

also, LA #1.

Posted by: jennifer on September 30, 2002 07:08 PM

hey john,

Your post here reminds me not so much of my fond memories of This American Life, but of the inanity of the 'headshot' world.

Compare the picture here to that found on cached on

I can hear the PR person now. "Sultry, Dammit. We need sultry. A sultry photo will give you at least $1000 more per speaking engagement."

Thank goodness my own existence depends more on code freezes than head shots.

Posted by: bill milbratz on October 3, 2002 02:43 PM

wow you are pretty damn funny looking in real life too.

Posted by: stinky turd on April 19, 2007 08:10 AM
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