November 14, 2002
He Hates Lisp
  1. Fred "I hate lisp" metascene has updated his thing.
  2. I was a little despondent when I saw what things google considered to be related to my thing.
  3. Therefore, in an attempt to shake things up I am linking to his thing (again).

Fred used to crack me up every time until he retired from being funny. He's still the only person with whom I can still safely indulge in telling Meg White stories.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 14, 2002 10:31 AM

Feel free to link to "The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century", which is by far the more popular of my two blogs (I spun off the tech/geek content into "The Happiest Geek on Earth" so as not to bore my non-tech readers). Lemonodor is on the AccordionGuy blogroll, but I guess since I link to it way more in Happiest Geek, Google tends to treat that as the more related blog.

I do like that you've posted some music stuff...and it turns out that you like both Lamb and Prong, just like I do! (Do let me know if you want the heavy heavy Atom heart Techno remix of "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck".)

Of course, if you want to add a little variety to your blog writing, you could post those Meg White stories, now that you've got this White Stripes fan's curiosity piqued.

Posted by: Joey deVilla on November 14, 2002 05:11 PM
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