November 25, 2002
Oleg on ILC 2002

This is the sort of thing I've been waiting for from the ILC. [via LtU.]

I learned that Kent Pittman is an angry man.


Kent Pittman will charge the submitters of sub-standards up to $300; His web site will let people log their preference for particular SRFIs (I mean, substandards). People will be charged around $20 per year for such a privilege.


Watching robots playing soccer was indeed as exciting as watching real soccer.


Franz has distributed the following notice to the attendees: Franz Inc. works with Apress Publishing to publish a book on practical Lisp Applications. Areas of interest: bioinformatics, robotics, Web/Internet, databases. The applications should be Lisp-based, used in the "real world", and have commercial/educational value. Contact: Lisa Fettner,


In general, I got an uneasy feeling about Google. They seem to be too much 'cowboy programmers'. One day it will cost them.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 25, 2002 11:43 PM

What the hell are 'cowboy programmers'?

Posted by: Yarden Katz on February 28, 2003 07:06 PM

Cowboy programmers ride herd on the cows. See

Posted by: Jeremy Leader on March 6, 2003 10:58 AM
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