December 23, 2002

Someone asked me when I was going to post something again, and I was like "post something where? Oh yeah!"

Tomorrow I leave for a week in Chicago. It's not the stereotypical sunny holiday destination, but I'm sure looking forward to it. Some things you'll see once I get back:

  • My Beautiful Commute
  • Return of the Lissajous
  • 3D in MCL
  • Music of 2002
  • Porn and CES

OK. Maybe just one thing before I go.

On a bet, Edi Weitz wrote a regular expression engine in lisp (CL-PPCRE) that outperforms Perl's RE engine.

It's portable (tested on 10 lisp implementations--wow, there are actually 10 major ANSI lisp implementations these days) and "It is compatible with Perl. It even correctly parses and applies Jeffrey Friedl's famous 6600-byte long RFC822 address pattern."

Posted by jjwiseman at December 23, 2002 10:11 PM

There are currently 9 commercial and 6 open-source active Common Lisp implementations.

Posted by: Paolo Amoroso on December 25, 2002 06:38 AM
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