January 05, 2003
Quesa Progress

Success! Well, to some extent. I snapped off a screenshot just before MCL crashed when trying to display a 3D model, and was able to at least patch things so I wasn't getting the error anymore (I don't know why MCL was crashing when it got an error in an event handler--I can't reproduce it with other errors).

That got me as far as looking at a featureless white window. Almost featureless, anyway; two lines of subtly shaded pixels told me I was looking at a 3D box straight on.

So then I tried to view the box using the QD3D interactive viewer, which has zoom and rotation controls and things, but that caused a crash. And this time there was no error to help guide me in my debugging. It may just be that Quesa hasn't implemented a viewer. Oh well, at least there was some progress.

Tomorrow night I leave for a week in Las Vegas, where I'll be making sure that the Evolution robots make a splash at CES by knowing how to draw a good lissajous.

x = sin(2t) cos(3t), y = cos(2t), z = sin(2t) sin(3t)

Posted by jjwiseman at January 05, 2003 11:00 PM
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