April 18, 2003
America's Funniest Lisp Applications

I'm having trouble focusing on anything today. What a perfect time for usenet highlights!

Marc Mertens announced the release of Jabberwocky 1.0, a lisp IDE previously mentioned here.

Kent Pitman moved his “home page and [his] various Lisp-related archives from world.std.com to nhplace.com.”, which includes his Lisp Pointers columns and other technical papers.

Tom Knight used a pair of tin cans or something to let everyone know he put his lisp machine architecture thesis online.

[lisp machine network environment]

JP Massar announced that “A version of the Starlisp simulator (a simulator for the language Starlisp, a parallel programming language which ran on the Connection Machine, some 13 years ago now) is now available thanks to Franz's source repository: http://examples.franz.com/index.html.”

The Franz respository also includes code for forwarding NNTP, creating photo gallery web pages, downloading and installing Red Hat updates, etc.

Posted by jjwiseman at April 18, 2003 03:59 PM
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