May 21, 2003

Here's one last Robodex Guidebook scan.

[non-natto burgerthing]

I am not sure whether I hope or fear that there is chicken involved somehow.

Update for natto burger seekers: This was unearthed:

[natto burger thing]

Posted by jjwiseman at May 21, 2003 03:45 PM

It's not a natto burger. At least, I don't think it's a natto burger -- it's hard to tell. But I still wouldn't want to come upon one in a dark alley.

Posted by: Michael Hannemann on May 22, 2003 09:31 AM

Its not a natto burger. It says:
nankatsu sando
basically, its fried chicken cutlet on flat bread with curry sauce.

Posted by: Libby on May 22, 2003 01:10 PM

It looks good to me. Two please...and a large Sapporo!

Posted by: doggo on May 22, 2003 02:12 PM

By the way, Mike Hannemann was the guy that first said "mmm, natto burger...".

Posted by: John Wiseman on May 23, 2003 09:28 AM

I would rather vomit than eat a natto burger. Same thing, really.

Posted by: Troutgirl on May 26, 2003 09:57 PM

Don't worry, same here. I draw a sharp distinction between "food" and "eldritch horror", and natto falls into the second category for me.

Posted by: Michael Hannemann on May 27, 2003 11:35 AM
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