May 16, 2003
Stallman At My Right Elbow

Guy Steele in the Hackers & Painters/XP thread on ll1-discuss:

FWIW, the early Scheme interpreters were the result of pair programming (Sussman and I working together, and often trading places at the keyboard). The early Scheme papers were the result of pair writing, where if a paragraph wasn't flowing smoothly from one guy's fingers then the other would jump in with a reformulated sentence.

And the first TECO macro to pretty-print Lisp code for EMACS (including making decisions about line breaks, not just how much to indent each line) was the result of a ten-hour pair-programming session with me at the keyboard and Stallman at my right elbow.

Posted by jjwiseman at May 16, 2003 09:15 AM


"...and sitteth at the right hand of RMS the coder all-geeky"

Posted by: billmil on June 14, 2003 08:56 AM

i think you mean

"...and sitteth at the right hand of Guy, the great quux" (-:

Posted by: Andreas Fuchs on June 16, 2003 05:00 AM
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