October 13, 2003

Last night: Almost saw Neal Pollack doing parodies of rock songs or some shit in Williamsburg, but who wants to spend $8 for that? In any case, I will never feel excessively hipsterized for living in Silverlake again, I mean, my god.

Tonight: Saw Hot Hot Heat at Irving Plaza. They were good; great presence, might not buy their CD. ARE Weapons opened, and they sucked. Saw very hot girl in audience, NYC girls are qualitatively hotter than most other, but not all, girls, in short shorts; Turned out to be Chloe Sevigny. Love Chloe Sevigny, even if she was most inauthentic in Gummo.

Chloe Sevigny knows how to use them, regardless, ARE Weapons suck. Drank and played darts until 3:30 am. Still love NYC.

Update (12:34 pm the next day): Apparently I posted the above text last night. Nobody is more surprised than me.

Posted by jjwiseman at October 13, 2003 12:14 AM
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