November 06, 2003
Nipple Tweaking As Professional Responsibility

Last night I was on the set of some live Playboy TV show. I hadn't seen it before (I only pay like $30/mo. for cable), and a coworker told me the hosts “might fondle each other a little,” which didn't prepare me for multiple groups of naked and half-naked girls totally having sex. Both pretty hot and pretty weird. Got kind of boring after 45 minutes or so, I can't believe they do that every night for two hours.

Of course the crew is all heads down writing on clipboards, and yawning. Kind of like my job, only we don't have craft services.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 06, 2003 11:28 AM

Does this mean that You Have Arrived?

Posted by: Michael Hannemann on November 6, 2003 04:31 PM

I think You Have Arrived when you find yourself sandwiched between the two hosts of Night Calls.

Or something.

Posted by: Lori on November 6, 2003 07:01 PM

"Arrived." Isn't that a synonym for "came"?

Anyhow, why were you there?

Posted by: dcx on November 9, 2003 01:58 AM

A friend who works for Playboy invited me.

Posted by: John Wiseman on November 10, 2003 09:40 AM
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