February 05, 2004
Apollo Artifacts Endangered

parts of the apollo launch umbilical tower

Paolo Amoroso sent me this:

As a fellow Lisper and space enthusiast, I hope you don't
mind if I bring this issue to your attention.

An artifact of huge importance for the history of space
exploration, the Launch Umbilical Tower #1 (LUT-1 at Kennedy
Space Center) used for Apollo 11, is going to be destroyed
and disposed of in a few hours.

A number of desperate efforts to save the LUT-1 are under
way. They need immediate help, mostly corporate backing,
money and publicitly. For more information see:


Anybody who can contribute money/sponsors is encouraged to
contact asap:

  Ross Tierney  ross.tierney@savethelut.org
  Jim McDade    jim.mcdade@savethelut.org

Thanks for your attention,


Bruce Sterling: “The era of manned spectaculars is visibly dying by inches.”

(Actually I was looking for the Sterling quote where he talks about either JSC or KSC as a “decaying spaceport”, but I had trouble finding it. Maybe I misremembered.)

Posted by jjwiseman at February 05, 2004 09:50 AM
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