May 06, 2004
A Note To Aggre-gators

A reminder to anyone reading lemonodor via an aggregator, whether it's the LiveJournal feed (68 of you), Bloglines (65 of you) or Planet Lisp (over 300 of you): You may want to occasionally check the lemonodor site itself just to see what comments are being posted—how else are you going to stay current with the latest thoughts on Beyoncé? (By the way, here's a phrase, idiomatically correct, that appears in that thread but appears nowhere else on the internet: “pop they butt”.)

The LiveJournal feed can be particularly confusing because LJ allows readers to post comments to lemonodor entries, but those comments live in a completely different universe from the comments here. Er, by “here” I mean the place you're at if you're reading lemonodor in a web browser that currently says “” in that little box at the top. And by place, I mean a location that has no concrete grounding in the physical world, I guess. Yes, that's right; I'm talking CYBERSPACE.

Posted by jjwiseman at May 06, 2004 04:58 PM

One nifty thing would be to provide an RSS 2.0 feed with the wfw:commentRss extension, so the chronically lazy with a suitably equipped aggregator could stay up to date on Beyoncè from the comfort of their aggregator.

Posted by: Gordon Weakliem on May 6, 2004 09:19 PM

But my aggregator doesn't blind me with all that damned yellow

Posted by: Sean Malloy on May 6, 2004 11:44 PM

Funny, that you mention it. I come here first and then leave for Planet Lisp for the other sites. I find the links here very cconvenient as a branching of point especially for Lisp related topics.

Posted by: Sanjay Pande on May 7, 2004 12:28 AM

For me, it's all about the combination of Common Lisp and Brujeria. Really, once we see robots rockin' in Spanish and running Lisp, my life will be complete.

I've taken to using an RSS aggregator recently, and I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I've resisted the "now that it's easy, I'll just add more feeds!" impulse, but it doesn't actually save me any time in the morning skimming things. It is better for quick updates later in the day.

I suspect what would be even better would be to unplug my net connection altogether. Like that would ever happen.

Posted by: Michael Hannemann on May 7, 2004 07:14 AM
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