May 07, 2004
Incremental Re-arraying #2

art deco ventilation grill

Nikodemus Siivola recently updated two of his projects [via Markus Fix]:

Linedit 0.15.12 is a readline-like library in Lisp that uses UFFI on unix platforms to provide the following features:

  • single-line text reader
  • multi-line form reader
  • completions on packages and symbols in current image
  • completions on directories and filenames
  • apropos-word and describe-word
  • unlimited undo
  • unlimited kill-ring
  • unlimited history
  • paren matching (not across lines)
  • multiple histories
  • use in REPL on SBCL
  • paging

Linedit works in Linux, FreeBSD and Darwin.

Osicat, at version 0.4.0, is “a lightweight operating system interface for Common Lisp on Unix-platforms.” It offers functionality related to

  • directory iteration and deletion
  • environment variables
  • symbolic and hard links
  • file permissions
  • file-kind identification
  • current directory
  • user information
  • pathname utilities

An example of using osicat:

CL-USER(5): (with-directory-iterator (next "/var")
                 (loop for entry = (next)
                       while entry
                       when (member :group-write (file-permissions entry))
                       collect entry))

(#P"local/" #P"lock/" #P"tmp/" #P"mail/")
Posted by jjwiseman at May 07, 2004 09:05 AM
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