August 04, 2004
CMUCL 19a Released

CMUCL 19a has been released.

19a has loads of new features, including stack overflow checking, package locks, weak hash tables, helpful local function names, compiler checking of format strings & arguments, inspect works on CLOS objects, callbacks from foreign code to lisp, fwrappers-style encapsulation, basic simple-streams, enhanced disassemble, fixed and enhanced trace, byte compiled code runs 33% faster, heap overflow checking, enhanced source location recording (works for macros), c functions visible in backtraces (instead of just “Foreign function call land”), modular arithmetic (“so (ldb (byte 32 0) (+ x y)) is a simple machine add instruction if x and y are (unsigned-byte 32)”).

There are lots and lots of bug fixes, too, including lots of ANSI compliance fixes and many improvements to the CLOS implementations.

Posted by jjwiseman at August 04, 2004 04:48 PM
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