December 23, 2004
A Short Selection of CLIM Reading

On #lisp, Rainer Joswig suggests a course of reading to get Dan Barlow up to speed on CLIM (this transcript is slightly edited).

<dan-b> ok, what downloadable clim stuff should I grab before being netless for four days
<dan-b> let us assume I plan to write bits of clim app in that time, and I know essentially nothing about it to start with
<lispm-wim2> dan-b: all docu you can find ;-)
<dan-b> bah
<dan-b> you know, a suggested reading order would be a nice touch
<lispm-wim2> dan-b: hmm
<lispm-wim2> dan-b: you need reference stuff, like the CLIM reference
<lispm-wim2> plus
<lispm-wim2> the CLIM user guide from Franz and/or Xanalys
<luis> That primer is cool.
<luis> Very short, but cool.
<dan-b> time for some wget shopping, then
<lispm-wim2> download the CLIM user guide
<lispm-wim2> (pdf or ps)
<luis> Oh, wait, I'm thinking of another one
<luis> I'm going to read that then :)
<dan-b> kewl. molto gracias
<lispm-wim2> this should be also very useful
<lispm-wim2> guided tour to clim from 1991
Posted by jjwiseman at December 23, 2004 02:56 PM

Yes! This is excellent. It should probably be added to the CLIM documentation, somewhere. (Not that I know where. I found this page trying to figure out where I should begin [G]).

Posted by: James Ashley on September 29, 2005 02:42 PM
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