July 08, 2005
ILC 2005 Slides and Audio

Christian Neukirchen noticed that slides from a bunch of the ILC 2005 presentations are up. Actually, audio for a handful of talks are up, too--and you can even make out what they're saying (if you crank the volume).

47 talks, 17 sets of slides, 4 audio recordings, 1 paper and 1 collection of code.

Posted by jjwiseman at July 08, 2005 03:59 PM

I'm not sure who should be informed of this, but I did notice that one of the slide sets, "The (Re)Birth of the Knowledge Operating System," is missing the multimedia directory in its URL. That is, the url needs the text "multimedia/" inserted between the domain name and the pdf file.

Posted by: Andy on July 8, 2005 08:48 PM

Also, the link to the Unicode slides is wrong, you need to replace the "-1" with "-2" in the filename.

Posted by: Christian Neukirchen on July 9, 2005 03:14 AM

I'm mildly irritated by the fact that the ILC organizers, despite reminders, saw fit to drop Robert Strandh and my attributions and biographies from the paper we wrote with Brian Mastenbrook. Be that as it may, the paper Syntax Analysis in the Climacs Text Editor is available at http://www.doc.gold.ac.uk/~mas01cr/papers/climacssyntax.pdf
and the slides Brian presented are available in Climacs CVS.

Posted by: Christophe Rhodes on July 9, 2005 03:26 AM

I am also interested in "The (Re)Birth of the Knowledge Operating System" - If you can find the link please post it here. I found the summary to be fascinating.


Posted by: Rams on July 12, 2005 04:32 AM

The pdf for "The (Re)Birth of the Knowledge Operating System" is here international-lisp-conference.org/multimedia/travers-slides.pdf

I think that the slide show is great, although I wonder how quickly the presenter had to run through them to fit in his timeslot.

Posted by: Andy on July 13, 2005 12:52 PM
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