September 13, 2005
Y-Combinator in Wired

Stars Rise at Startup Summer Camp”:

Graham, a startup evangelist who sold his company to Yahoo in 1998, came up with the idea of paying students to program instead of working a summer job after giving a talk about startups to Harvard University computer science undergraduates.

He advised them to get their funding from angel investors who got rich in technology themselves.

“Then I said jokingly, but not entirely jokingly, ‘But not from me,’ and everyone's faces fell,” Graham said. “Afterwards, I had dinner with some of these guys and they seemed amazingly competent and I thought, ‘You know, these guys probably could start companies.’”

Soon after, Graham teamed up with an investment banker and two hackers from his old company, and the group announced the Summer Founders Program in late March.

Though hopefuls had only 10 days to respond, some 227 teams applied.

I don't think I knew that Aaron Swartz was doing Infogami.

Posted by jjwiseman at September 13, 2005 08:25 AM
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