April 03, 2006

An IBM Electronic Calculator speeds through thousands of intricate computations so quickly that on many complex problems it's just like having 150 EXTRA Engineers
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I think SBCL 0.9.11, from March 26, 2006, is the first offical release of a Common Lisp with native support for OS X on Intel (though the support is labeled “experimental”).

Posted by jjwiseman at April 03, 2006 03:58 PM

Probably yes, but ECL has been already built on OS X for Intel, without much fuss -- just a matter of finding a GNU MP library built by others (Darwinports) for OS X on Intel.


I think this really says a lot about the portability of this project: people can independently port ECL to their own machines even if the developers from the project do not have them. Although being the main developer of ECL I should probably shut my mouth :-)

Posted by: Juanjo on April 4, 2006 01:36 AM

That is my favorite picture of a computer cluster.

Posted by: on April 4, 2006 06:21 AM

Heh, what Juanjo said :)

I was impressed to see that ECL pretty much just built cleanly.

Posted by: Greg Pfeil on April 6, 2006 09:20 AM

i would love to see an amd mac system. i would like to know which maker actually has the better chip. wonder if it will ever happen...

Posted by: jo on August 8, 2007 08:20 PM
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