November 17, 2006
Pronto4 Universal Retrofit Kit for Autonomous Vehicles

pronto4 kit

I picture the local news segment starting like this: “Want to ‘autonomize’ your ‘Accord’?!” But it might not really be very hard to do, if Kairos Autonomi's Pronto4 “universal unmanned vehicle retrofit kit” is actually universal.

The Pronto4 Retrofit Kit successfully enables unmanned vehicle navigation on the Earth's surface by providing a universal retrofit kit for existing vehicle platforms. This compact, modularly-constructed hardware system is capable of installation anywhere in the field in a four-four-four process — a four-person team can install four backpack-sized modules in four hours. With the Pronto4, you can have a superior, affordable, unmanned solution right now.

Turn your beater into a JAUS-compliant remotely piloted vehicle with the Pronto4. Then just purchase the K-driver guidance software to upgrade the hoopty to be a completely autonomous ground vehicle.

pronto4 in action

Kairos Autonomi is a subsidiary of DesignJug, which sponsored Team Juggernaut in the 2005 Grand Challenge.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 17, 2006 02:50 PM

I have been remoting many differnt types of military and civilian vehicles for eight years now. Most of my projects are terminal, in that I drive my creation and the adversary blows me up, ie. missil, bullet, rocket, etc.

Though several have attempted to provide me with an autonomous system they all have failed or are still developing. This elusive capability is very frustrating because I have customers right now that need suuport from me with this feature.

What is involved with getting set up and what is the cost.


Posted by: Paul Thibeault on November 29, 2007 07:26 PM
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