August 29, 2007
JackBot for Sale

robot for sale!

Another piece of DARPA Grand Challenge history is for sale. MonsterMoto's Jackbot, which was able to venture 7 miles into the desert in the 2005 Grand Challenge, is looking for a new home:

Everything in the foreground of attached photo is for sale, lease or hire--Or maybe trade for an opportunity to earn an advanced degree.

1) Unit on the right: "JackBot" DGC 2005 Finalist. Lots of goodies, but would prefer not to part out.
2) Unit on the left: Me. Unfortunately, cannot be parted out. Must be fed daily. Will Travel.
3) Not visible: Lab, test site, spares, prototypes, computers, etc, etc.

Excluded by rule from the 2007 Urban Challenge. So, since the DGC2005, we've been focussing on multi-human, multi-UXV teaming and coordination, system enhancements, software cleanup, etc. Website is out of date but here :

Seeking an opportunity to continue our work (about 16,000 hrs so far!) within a quality, funded setting. In addition to business opportunities, an academic or research setting would be welcome.

Thank you in advance for any ideas or pointers,

Posted by jjwiseman at August 29, 2007 12:52 PM
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