RID Analysis of 100 Days of #ruby-lang

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know4961 think4422 something4233 sure2288 them2187 problem1659 probably1574 true1344 guess1329 different1235 idea1229 thought1118 example978 may788 understand775 possible773 define728 reason659 real625 defined612 exception607 learn582 thinking532 basically492 figure482 difference450 meant434 solution412 cause390 problems382 believe381 except381 fact357 almost317 perhaps317 supposed302 definition296 knows294 model274 ideas266 otherwise261 learning260 suppose260 basic257 certain235 interpreter222 topic195 important194 figured191 knew183 definitely174 logic166 possibly166 consider165 attribute162 attributes162 exceptions162 somewhat156 compare155 feature155 features151 concept143 certainly142 examples142 known137 choice133 defining131 scheme131 learned130 purpose130 reasons117 surely113 compared112 effect109 choose102 considered101 knowing101 alternative99 comparison99 guessing99 tend99 knowledge97 theory97 differently95 plan92 understanding91 opinion90 decided84 themselves84 considering78 interpreted78 defines77 abstract76 possie76 understood73 history70 decide69 thinks69 relevant68 subject68 truth68 science67 concepts66 logical63 causes62 evaluate61 reasonable59 comparing56 conditional56 solutions56 purposes54 definitions53 models52 abstraction51 quality51 possibility50 calculate48 differences47 evaluated46 causing45 comparable45 thoughts44 proof42 figuring41 definately39 schema39 effects38 rational38 research38 alternatively37 reality37 providing36 alternatives34 planning34 prove34 resolve33 distinction32 evaluates32 basics31 effectively31 caused30 interpret30 truly30 possibilities28 tends28 distinguish27 probability27 calculation26 choices25 learntoprogram25 conditionals24 evaluating24 ideal24 theme24 theoretically24 chose23 effective23 evaluation23 somethign22 analysis21 evidence21 guessed21 ideally21 opinions21 quantum21 calculator20 figures20 importantly20 reasonably20 topics20 calculations19 resolv19 theoretical19 comparisons18 concentrate18 planet18 abstractions17 chosen17 reasoning17 resolved17 choosing16 interpretation16 plans16 decides15 guest15 proven15 calculating14 interpreters14 planned14 theoros14 understandable14 calculated13 compares13 criteria13 distinct13 guesses13 plants13 problematic13 supposedly13 understands13 featured12 learnt12 qualify12 somethin12 subjective12 circumstances11 examine11 exceptional11 interpreting11 interprets11 themes11 comparision10 conditionally10 plane10 predicate10 predict10 proving10 consideration9 deliberately9 established9 facts9 featureful9 importance9 judge9 logically9 plant9 quantity9 schemes9 scientific9 belief8 conceptual8 consequences8 contrived8 deciding8 modelling8 proves8 resolves8 analyze7 comprehend7 deliberate7 differentiate7 establish7 meantime7 predictable7 provoke7 qualified7 resolver7 somethings7 weigh7 abstracts6 circumstance6 criterion6 definitive6 knowledgable6 modeling6 qualifies6 quantified6 rationale6 rationals6 significance6 somethingelse6 themethod6 abstracted5 beliefs5 believed5 believing5 comprehension5 comprehensive5 conceptually5 conclude5 consequently5 differential5 estimate5 estimation5 gues5 judgement5 judging5 learns5 schemas5 subjects5 tendency5 thinkin5 abstracting4 basicly4 basicsocket4 calculates4 caus4 conjecture4 considerably4 definite4 distinguished4 estimated4 evident4 planets4 probable4 proved4 quantify4 quantities4 schemers4 supposing4 thinkruby4 abstractklass3 almostinfinity3 chooses3 comparsion3 comprehensions3 concentrationstudios3 considerable3 considere3 deem3 definemethod3 definetly3 definitly3 effecting3 evaluations3 examining3 exceptionally3 excepts3 idealistic3 modeled3 modeless3 planetruby3 possiblity3 probabilities3 provably3 qualifier3 qualities3 quantifier3 reconsider3 researched3 resolving3 schemata3 scientifically3 somethig3 somethiing3 somethine3 somethingrelated3 tended3 themodule3 theora3 weighing3 weighs3 abstractly2 analysing2 analytics2 analyzer2 analyzing2 attributed2 axiom2 axioms2 basicobject2 calculators2 characterized2 comparation2 comparatively2 consequence2 consequent2 considerations2 considers2 decider2 deemed2 definatly2 definie2 definitately2 defintion2 defintions2 differentiating2 distinguishable2 distinguishes2 establishing2 excepting2 exceptionclass2 exceptiosn2 featurefull2 featureset2 figuratively2 guesswork2 guestuser2 interpretor2 interpretted2 knowhow2 knowledgeable2 knowltonlab2 learner2 learners2 opinionated2 planes2 possibilites2 predictably2 probablistic2 probaby2 problemo2 proofs2 provable2 provoked2 purposely2 quanta2 quantlib2 quantums2 relevance2 somethingcool2 somethingorother2 subjected2 subjectivity2 themsleves2 theoracle2 theorem2 theorists2 thoughtworks2 weighed2 weighings2 abstractss1 almosts1 almosty1 alternativly1 analyizes1 analyser1 analysts1 analytic1 analyticity1 analyzes1 attributeerror1 attributing1 attribution1 basica1 basicall1 basicallies1 basicdoc1 basiclly1 basictutorial1 beliefve1 believable1 believem1 believer1 causeing1 certaini1 characterization1 choosers1 comparably1 comparator1 comparely1 comparisions1 comparson1 comparte1 compartment1 compartmentalise1 compartmentalization1 compartmentalizing1 comprehending1 comprehensibility1 concentrated1 concentrating1 concentration1 conceptiion1 conceptions1 concludes1 conditionalize1 considerd1 consideres1 contrive1 decidedly1 decidedon1 defination1 defind1 definely1 definetely1 definiition1 definitiioon1 definitily1 definitino1 definitioin1 definitionlist1 definitionset1 definitiosn1 definitoin1 definiton1 definned1 definte1 definted1 defintely1 defintive1 deliberating1 deliberation1 deliberatly1 differenc1 differencewith1 differenciate1 differentating1 differentiation1 distinctions1 distinctive1 distinctly1 effected1 effectie1 effectiveness1 effectivly1 estimates1 estimations1 evaluatable1 evaluator1 examined1 examplwe1 exceptallcaps1 excepted1 exceptioin1 exceptionone1 exceptiontwo1 exceptionvar1 featurable1 featurefulsandbox1 featureless1 featuring1 figurately1 figurativly1 figureout1 guessable1 guesser1 guessiing1 guessin1 guestion1 guests1 ideals1 interpretatioins1 interpretationi1 interpretations1 interprete1 interpretter1 judgements1 judges1 knewit1 knowin1 knowingg1 knowingly1 knowinng1 knowm1 knowo1 knowthose1 learnable1 learnc1 learnig1 learnign1 learniiiiiiing1 learniing1 learnin1 learntk1 logicians1 logics1 meants1 modeller1 perhap1 planck1 planetary1 planetdan1 plangs1 planing1 planner1 possibilitu1 possibilties1 possibilty1 possiblities1 predicting1 prediction1 predictive1 probabably1 probabilistic1 probabilitically1 probablky1 probablyw1 probleme1 problemetic1 proofread1 proveable1 provenance1 provess1 provision1 provisioning1 provoking1 purposed1 purposefully1 qualification1 qualifiers1 qualifying1 qualityteam1 quantifer1 quantifiable1 quantifiers1 rationality1 rationalize1 realityforge1 realitywarpfs1 reasonless1 reconsidering1 reformulate1 reformulation1 relearning1 relevancellc1 researcher1 researching1 researchy1 resolverror1 schem1 schemaspy1 schematically1 schemer1 schemewiki1 scienceastronomy1 scienceblogs1 significances1 somethimes1 somethind1 somethingfromdeepwithin1 somethingidontremember1 somethingl1 somethinglike1 somethingpositive1 somethingsuperclass1 somethingunique1 somethinhg1 somethink1 somethng1 somethnig1 somethong1 somethting1 supposes1 supposition1 suppositories1 suppost1 tender1 tending1 tendra1 thematically1 themed1 theming1 themoreucompakturmsgsthemrelikelypplwilanser1 thems1 themselfs1 theories1 theorist1 theoritically1 thinkg1 thinki1 thinkign1 thinkit1 thinkk1 thoughtful1 topicboy1 truthfully1 understandably1 understanded1 understandingof1 understandings1 understandong1
use7050 work3424 using2835 make2723 works2003 try1947 find1870 trying1621 used1600 test1172 makes1012 working859 uses791 tried741 won695 found654 result475 making447 build432 copy418 select390 worked359 win343 tests341 application324 machine303 job301 available292 pickaxe284 built268 results268 count235 money218 record173 performance165 building163 collect160 pick153 collection150 task149 buy139 pay130 finding127 applications120 builder113 apply98 production98 finish94 finished94 tested89 machines86 practice81 construct80 spend76 business74 tasks74 product71 spent71 effort70 goal61 counting60 perform59 success58 constructor57 copying57 cost57 produce57 jobs55 records55 belongs53 claim53 attempt52 improve52 price52 belong50 copyright50 finds49 paid49 assembly48 copied48 factory48 bought47 skillz47 makefile46 builtin45 components43 products43 successfully43 builds42 produces42 student42 collected41 paying41 component40 counts40 sweeper39 wins39 worker39 applies38 capable38 picking37 skills37 achieve35 copies35 resulting35 sell35 successful34 architecture33 claims33 gain33 carry32 hire31 manipulate31 picked31 workaround31 collector30 improved30 study30 testcase30 applied29 market29 practical29 attempting28 constructs28 productive28 aim27 costs26 grasp25 productivity25 risk25 buying24 manipulation24 selection24 reached23 reproduce23 improvement22 selected22 attempts21 collections21 lesson21 studying21 marketing20 profit20 reach20 studio20 cure19 prepare19 produced19 selling19 spending19 assembler18 finishes18 industry18 practices18 students18 practically17 sold17 constructors16 sweep16 deliver15 finder15 forge15 improvements15 recover15 afford14 carriage14 constructive14 makefiles14 performant14 succeed14 manipulating13 picky13 producing13 workers13 applicationcontroller12 construction12 finishing12 skill12 trade12 claiming11 obtain11 selecter11 testcases11 winning11 attempted10 collecting10 earn10 prepared10 reaches10 resultset10 selector10 workspace10 architectures9 avail9 builtins9 delivery9 hired9 performs9 picks9 priced9 assemble8 buildings8 claimed8 constructed8 efforts8 factoring8 foundation8 grasping8 pays8 recording8 resultado8 selectors8 selects8 succeeds8 achieved7 builders7 buys7 carrying7 collectors7 employees7 gained7 goals7 hiring7 performed7 performing7 pickup7 reaching7 recorded7 selenium7 studied7 studies7 succeeded7 workin7 workjack7 aimed6 aiming6 aims6 applicable6 constructing6 gaining6 improving6 lessons6 preparing6 purchase6 soldiers6 workable6 workarounds6 buildpackage5 burden5 copyrighted5 countless5 delivers5 factories5 labor5 manipulations5 purchased5 reconstruct5 recovered5 repair5 resulted5 risky5 selections5 sells5 succeeding5 succesfully5 testy5 tradeoff5 acquired4 assembled4 belonging4 buildbuilding4 businesses4 carried4 costas4 delivered4 employee4 employer4 founded4 founder4 gains4 improves4 occupy4 profits4 sel4 seldom4 selecting4 soldier4 spends4 succession4 taskbar4 testable4 testfile4 teststr4 testsuite4 workspaces4 workstation4 achieving3 acquire3 affordable3 applicative3 bidirectional3 buildscript3 carrier3 carries3 collective3 collects3 copyleft3 copypaste3 costly3 delivering3 employ3 employed3 feat3 finders3 makenai3 maker3 makin3 moneys3 obtained3 occupation3 practicing3 preparation3 prices3 productcode3 recordclass3 recovering3 resultant3 resulterror3 risks3 studios3 succeded3 successes3 successor3 tasked3 testers3 testtask3 trademark3 workout3 worksforme3 workshops3 achieves2 architect2 assembla2 assemblies2 availability2 belongstopolymorphicassociation2 bid2 bidimensional2 buyer2 copytruncate2 copyvar2 countdown2 craft2 earns2 employment2 findings2 foundational2 foundationtool2 hires2 improv2 ingredient2 labour2 machinery2 makers2 makinig2 manufacturer2 manufacturers2 obtaining2 ownership2 pickax2 plowed2 possessive2 pricey2 producingoss2 purchasing2 pursue2 recordnotsaved2 repaired2 risking2 selective2 selinux2 skilled2 studylists2 succesfull2 successfull2 swept2 testcontroller2 testje2 testmachine2 testosterone2 testroot2 testsoapbodyparts2 testtext2 trades2 tradewars2 trys2 workarround2 workds2 workgin2 worki2 workie2 workign2 workiing2 workings2 workmate2 achievable1 achievement1 acquires1 affords1 aimbot1 applicatioon1 applictioncontroller1 architectural1 assembling1 assemblys1 attain1 availablility1 bidding1 biddings1 bidi1 bidings1 bids1 boughted1 buildbuild1 buildeer1 buildfiles1 buildin1 buildroot1 buildservice1 buildtop1 builting1 builtinstuff1 businesslogic1 businessy1 buyers1 claimid1 collectiion1 collectin1 collectionswitchpaper1 collectis1 collectively1 constructively1 constructore1 constructos1 coping1 copypasta1 copypasted1 copyrightable1 copyrightholders1 copyrights1 copys1 costed1 costlier1 costumer1 costumes1 countable1 crafted1 crafterm1 crafting1 crafty1 cultivate1 cultivated1 cureall1 cures1 curing1 deliverable1 earning1 effortless1 endeavor1 factorical1 factorizes1 finda1 findall1 findbottleneck1 finde1 findhist1 finishe1 founding1 foundit1 goalposts1 grasped1 improvment1 labored1 labouring1 machin1 machina1 machinate1 machince1 machinelike1 makecontext1 maked1 makedirs1 makesure1 makethisfilenamesafe1 makeup1 makingchat1 makingrubyintophp1 makingt1 makinng1 makizushi1 makng1 makoto1 makr1 manipulated1 manipulator1 manufactured1 manufacturing1 marketed1 marketroids1 marketshare1 merchant1 paidpayment1 performace1 performances1 performantly1 performedbefore1 performer1 performers1 pickage1 pickd1 pickers1 pickier1 pickle1 pickpocketed1 possesion1 possess1 possession1 practicality1 practicaly1 practiced1 practics1 preparations1 preparsed1 priceless1 pricesely1 pricewatch1 pricot1 producer1 produciton1 recorder1 recordings1 recordnotfound1 recovers1 recovery1 repairmen1 repairs1 resultants1 resultingopenstruct1 resultism1 riske1 selectedd1 selectivity1 selmanj1 selsewhere1 selsun1 skillset1 soldering1 sow1 sowwy1 spendthrift1 studentinfo1 studyied1 studylist1 successively1 successorship1 sweepers1 sweeps1 taskable1 taskbegin1 tasking1 taskname1 testautoman1 testbeds1 testcasing1 testcode1 tester1 testicles1 testlexer1 testme1 testnick1 testpage1 testr1 testrb1 testrobots1 testrunner1 testsimpletype1 testspec1 teststring1 testthing1 testtubebabytube1 testunitish1 testunits1 testyourstuff1 traded1 trademarked1 tryingout1 tryingto1 workbook1 worke1 workee1 workes1 workflow1 workig1 workinig1 workinng1 workload1 workloads1 workplace1 workrs1 worksafe1 worksheets1 worksus1 workweek1
then4582 when3819 time3098 now2973 pastie1926 already1232 again901 every847 while835 everything766 ever702 date674 times616 once588 old530 ago430 years399 everyone337 sometimes332 minutes308 often284 today284 year276 quick272 hours261 month243 week220 soon192 moment169 months165 hour151 past149 timeout145 quickref135 earlier108 yesterday106 weeks93 previous90 quickly89 everybody88 minute88 during87 dates75 everytime75 everywhere74 presentation74 early73 whenever69 present64 tonight61 older60 immediately58 instantiate57 timezone50 till49 instant47 duration45 instantiated43 previously41 suddenly37 immediate36 occasionally34 sometime34 daily30 weekend30 frequently28 sooner27 pasting26 timestamp26 prior24 quicker23 instantrails22 quicksort21 ancient20 clock20 timer20 priority18 everyday17 timing16 immediatly14 instantiating14 instantly14 premature14 timed14 decade12 decades12 presented12 brief11 dated11 prematurely11 sudden11 whilst11 occasion10 quickest10 timeouts10 timespan10 meanwhile9 presents9 season8 timezones8 todays8 durations7 hourly7 presentations7 quicksilver7 frequent6 immediates6 moments6 occasional6 pastied6 presenting6 quicktime6 timecube6 timestamps6 brevity5 briefly5 dur5 everyhting5 instantiation5 monthnames5 occassionally5 timeouterror5 timespans5 everbody4 everythign4 instantiates4 monthly4 priorities4 quickie4 timers4 weekdays4 weekends4 durango3 hasta3 momentum3 occasions3 occassion3 presentational3 quickstart3 quicky3 timeofday3 timings3 weekly3 durr2 everybodies2 everyones2 everyting2 hast2 hastag2 hasty2 instantaneous2 instantiations2 minutse2 momentarily2 occassionaly2 pasties2 pasty2 presently2 quickguide2 seasoning2 thens2 thenumber2 timedout2 timefix2 timeframe2 timely2 timeref2 timeslices2 weekday2 whenver2 yearned2 alreadyexists1 briefing1 briefs1 clockster1 dailywtf1 durable1 durante1 duraton1 durge1 durig1 durinig1 everhwere1 everone1 everr1 evers1 evertthing1 everwhere1 everybodys1 everyboody1 everyhtign1 everynow1 everyoen1 everyon1 everyonoe1 everysanebodyelse1 everyso1 everythingis1 everythings1 everytihng1 everytiimed1 frequents1 hastily1 henceforth1 instanta1 instante1 instantiatate1 instantiatinge1 instantination1 minuts1 momento1 momentous1 monthvsnum1 occassions1 oftenn1 pasta1 pastbin1 pastbins1 pastiche1 pastieable1 pastiebot1 pastieee1 pastieing1 pastienumber1 pastiing1 pastime1 pastin1 prematurly1 presentable1 presentd1 priori1 prioritisation1 prioritize1 prioritized1 prioritizes1 prioritozes1 priorty1 quickcert1 quickform1 quickhelp1 quickier1 quickies1 quicklyn1 seasoned1 sometimess1 soonish1 thename1 thence1 thenewglobal1 thenewobject1 theni1 thenit1 thenm1 thennnn1 timecomponent1 timeconsuming1 timecycle1 timeline1 timeness1 timeproblem1 timess1 timewise1 timex1 timezoneso1 todayh1 weekendly1 whena1 wheni1 whenm1 whennen1 whens1 whiletrue1 whill1 yearg1 yearly1 yearofplenty1
at4910 out3232 where2115 here1994 point1033 back936 over925 open910 long849 off768 between627 inside595 place510 far480 length463 level405 within401 away368 somewhere326 space313 side297 close276 outside264 extend216 besides209 override180 longer176 pointer163 separate157 flatten154 points142 spaces139 along137 places131 round123 behind120 across103 opengl102 middle94 pointers91 near90 closed87 front87 position87 background86 straight82 openssl81 layer76 ahead74 overhead73 pointing71 situation71 width70 apart68 further67 forward66 nearly64 closures63 extended63 openstruct61 backtrace60 openid59 backwards58 overkill55 closure54 opening54 levels53 closer52 overriding51 pointless47 overkordbaever42 tip42 towards41 aside39 flat39 opens38 pointed38 separated37 closing36 extending36 tips36 among35 square35 backend34 wide34 backgroundrb33 opened33 overwrite33 center32 closest31 backup30 extent29 backticks28 overflow27 backslash26 overridden26 situations25 closes24 rounding24 apartment23 distance23 frontend23 region23 separator22 whereas21 overall20 overrides20 longest19 positions19 separately19 overriden18 toward18 backed17 backslashes17 central17 closely17 straightforward17 east16 extensively16 lengths16 openbsd16 openuri16 west16 wherever16 clos15 whereis15 widely15 backtracking14 circle14 backreferences13 beside13 overrated13 placed13 sides13 backspace12 extends12 layers12 rounded12 surrounding12 overwriting11 positional11 separation11 backreference10 easter10 overwrites10 overwritten10 rounds10 widespread10 backtick9 narrow9 overcome9 regions9 sided9 south9 squares9 surface9 surround9 surrounded9 curve8 farther8 opensource8 alongside7 backups7 forwardable7 forwards7 openoffice7 overuse7 roundtrip7 backtraces6 closet6 extensive6 middleman6 middleware6 nearest6 opensuse6 placeholders6 pointy6 separating6 spacing6 backburner5 backlog5 backward5 centered5 circles5 flattening5 forwarding5 longint5 longjmp5 opendoc5 overnight5 placement5 placing5 roundabout5 spacebar5 spaceship5 behinds4 centralized4 curves4 distances4 distant4 extention4 flattened4 lengthy4 narrowed4 opendarwin4 openssh4 overrided4 overseen4 placeholder4 separates4 separators4 western4 wheres4 widths4 amongst3 backgrounds3 backing3 backtics3 backwords3 centric3 flattenx3 frontends3 frontpage3 furthermore3 insides3 longevity3 longs3 nearby3 openldap3 openpbx3 openstructs3 overengineering3 overflowing3 overflows3 overhaul3 overrode3 overwhelmed3 overwrote3 straighten3 surfaces3 whereabouts3 wider3 afield2 aheads2 backbone2 backends2 backflips2 backports2 backquotes2 backref2 backs2 backyard2 centers2 distantly2 eastern2 extendable2 extentions2 flatfile2 flatrate2 flattens2 forwarded2 interior2 layering2 midst2 opencola2 openlife2 openly2 openntpd2 opensolaris2 outsider2 overboard2 overcomplicated2 overcomplicating2 overdue2 oversee2 overstatement2 overtime2 overused2 overwhelming2 overzealous2 regional2 squared2 squarepants2 straighter2 whereever2 widest2 afar1 apartments1 awaylog1 aways1 backdoor1 backfire1 backgroun1 backgrounddrb1 backhanded1 backhoe1 backicks1 backkick1 backlogs1 backpack1 backpackin1 backpacking1 backpain1 backport1 backported1 backprop1 backrefs1 backroom1 backroundrb1 backscroll1 backside1 backslashed1 backslashthing1 backspaces1 backstreet1 backtarce1 backtic1 backtracing1 backus1 behinde1 centering1 centralised1 centralizing1 centricist1 circling1 closedbox1 closeing1 closings1 closs1 clost1 closured1 curvy1 easteregg1 eastmedia1 eastridge1 extendcommand1 extendedkeyboardii1 extendible1 extensivly1 extented1 extentsions1 flatlandsters1 flats1 forwardbackwardanywhere1 forwarder1 forwardly1 fronted1 frontier1 frontin1 frontispiece1 frontpaged1 furthering1 furthers1 insided1 layered1 lengthier1 lengthtoread1 leveled1 levelups1 longcat1 longjmps1 longtail1 longtimenosee1 middleclick1 middlewear1 midstream1 openable1 openbox1 opencompany1 opendmxusb1 openfirmware1 openidenabled1 openiid1 openlinksw1 openmcl1 openmp1 openndoc1 openness1 opensearch1 opensouce1 opensoundcontrol1 opensoundcontroll1 openssls1 opensvn1 openurl1 openurlindefaultwebbrowser1 openy1 outs1 outsid1 outsideo1 outsiders1 outwards1 overachieving1 overalapping1 overbrevitizing1 overburdened1 overcomes1 overcommit1 overcomplicately1 overconfident1 overdesigned1 overdetermined1 overdid1 overdo1 overdone1 overdrive1 overencouragement1 overengineer1 overenthusiastic1 overestimate1 overflo1 overgeneral1 overgeneralize1 overhauling1 overheated1 overide1 overjoyed1 overoptimisation1 overpowered1 overread1 overrid1 overridiing1 overshadow1 overshadowed1 overshooting1 oversight1 oversights1 oversimplification1 oversimplified1 oversized1 overstating1 overstation1 overstayed1 oversteps1 overthere1 overton1 overweigh1 overwhelm1 overworked1 overwrought1 overzealously1 placem1 pointe1 pointedly1 pointfree1 pointlessly1 pointlessness1 pointof1 pointts1 posited1 positioning1 posititonal1 rear1 rearchitecture1 rearrange1 rearrangement1 roundings1 roundtrips1 siding1 situational1 situationally1 situatition1 somewhereelse1 somewheres1 southeastern1 southern1 southwest1 spaceballs1 spacebay1 spacecrafts1 spaced1 spaceisoverratedtoo1 spaceman1 spacer1 spaceritem1 spacetime1 squarefourcorners1 tipp1 westinghouse1 wheras1 whereby1 wherein1 whereso1 whern1
ruby13745 see2877 look1720 blink1505 looks1073 looking862 rubygems584 seen553 rubyforge412 rubyonrails364 looked267 scan257 complex216 saw210 image209 view186 imagine170 seeing156 watch141 halorgium136 lookup118 noticed113 images111 flash109 green104 color101 notice100 appears97 appear90 blue82 views74 rubygame71 imagemagick63 rubycentral59 light56 regardless56 watching55 rubypanther52 lightcap50 visual50 rubygarden48 rubyopt47 regarding46 rubyscript46 lighttpd43 picture43 rubys40 rubycocoa38 colour37 colors32 rubylangfaq28 lightweight27 rubyinline27 sees27 visible27 scene26 star26 complexity25 rubyclr25 rubyist25 rubygem24 rubyists24 scenario24 lighty23 pictures23 transparent23 roughly22 rubyish22 rubyquiz22 rubylib20 rubyrocks20 hueblur19 peer19 bright18 lookups18 coloring17 lookin17 regard17 regards17 rubyosa17 shiny17 lookahead16 scanner16 glance15 rough15 rubyconf15 appeared13 blueberry13 colored13 gray13 grey13 invisible13 observer13 peek13 rubyruy13 viewing13 colours12 rubyzip12 transparently12 vision12 behold11 bluemonk11 imaging11 lightbox11 pinky11 appearing10 brown10 imagescience10 lighter10 lookbehind10 rubyobjc10 scans10 viewvc10 imagining9 notices9 observe9 ray9 rubydb9 scanning9 watches9 bluecivic8 imagelist8 imageshack8 imagined8 lightning8 lookbehinds8 peers8 rubyinside8 viewed8 visually8 blinking7 glowing7 halo7 lampo7 noticing7 observation7 radiant7 rubyeventmachine7 rubypath7 beam6 bluecloth6 bluetooth6 lighthouse6 noticable6 opaque6 scanned6 scenes6 tan6 watched6 blinks5 blinky5 colorado5 coloured5 imagination5 lights5 pink5 rubydoc5 rubyrake5 rubyspec5 stars5 survey5 visualuruby5 browns4 glaring4 imaginable4 lightly4 observable4 observed4 observers4 picturing4 pinkys4 rubyc4 rubyemon4 rubygnome4 rubygod4 rubyide4 rubylex4 rubynow4 rubypal4 rubyqt4 rubyx4 spying4 tinteger4 visuals4 appearence3 beholder3 blueorb3 blueprint3 colorful3 film3 flashhater3 glancing3 glow3 imaginary3 lightbulb3 lightrail3 lookaheads3 observing3 pinkies3 rays3 rubyesque3 rubyforce3 rubyfulsoup3 rubyism3 rubymail3 rubymon3 rubyness3 rubyonrailsblog3 rubyrobot3 rubyrss3 rubyscripts3 rubysh3 rubyw3 sapphire3 scenarios3 shin3 shinh3 shining3 spy3 visions3 watcher3 appearance2 appearantly2 azuredreams2 azureus2 blinked2 blinketje2 blinki2 blueonyx2 blues2 bluez2 brighter2 chromatic2 colorize2 colorscheme2 discern2 discerning2 flashmob2 glare2 greenspun2 greenthreads2 hue2 huevos2 imaged2 imagemagickerror2 imagesmg2 lamport2 lavenders2 lighten2 lighting2 lookarounds2 lookiing2 lookng2 lucid2 noticably2 noticeable2 noticeably2 observant2 pictured2 pinkify2 rought2 rubyavailable2 rubybeautifier2 rubybook2 rubybot2 rubycode2 rubycs2 rubydebug2 rubydir2 rubydium2 rubyers2 rubyfile2 rubyfr2 rubyful2 rubygtk2 rubyguide2 rubyhacker2 rubyholic2 rubying2 rubyjava2 rubylang2 rubylinguistics2 rubylucene2 rubymlx2 rubynetsoul2 rubyopts2 rubyos2 rubypodder2 rubyprogram2 rubyq2 rubyrockstars2 rubyscripttoexe2 rubysdl2 rubytk2 rubytoc2 rubytypes2 rubyworld2 rubyz2 sapphiresteel2 scenarious2 scenegraph2 scenery2 seeingmetaclassesclearly2 shine2 shinichiroes2 shinier2 sunlight2 viewable2 viewer2 viewers2 viewpoint2 visualizer2 watcha2 appearances1 appearant1 appeard1 appearling1 appearntly1 beaming1 beamish1 beams1 binocular1 blinkblink1 blinkinky1 blueboxtech1 bluefish1 bluehost1 bluelisting1 blueorg1 blueoxen1 bluescreens1 brighten1 brightens1 colorer1 colorfut1 colorization1 colorized1 colorizing1 colorschemes1 colorspaces1 colorsync1 colourful1 complexities1 crimsonscythe1 discernable1 discernible1 filme1 filmthreat1 flashbacks1 flashing1 flashlights1 flashy1 flickers1 gazing1 glanced1 glares1 gleaming1 glittering1 grayed1 greener1 greenish1 greenland1 greenprogrammer1 greenthread1 greyed1 greyish1 greylisting1 greyskull1 halon1 halorgiu1 hueg1 illuminate1 illuminating1 imagamagick1 imagebay1 imagecode1 imagecreate1 imageine1 imagemagic1 imagemagicks1 imagesocket1 imagesph1 imagesurface1 lampuki1 lavender1 lighthouseapp1 lighthttpd1 lightining1 lightpen1 lightroom1 lighttp1 lighttpdfile1 lightttpd1 lookalike1 lookaround1 lookat1 lookes1 lookinig1 lookit1 lookkie1 lookover1 lookt1 lookwise1 lucida1 noticiable1 observ1 observat1 observes1 peeking1 peeks1 pinkeys1 pinkfloydgeekery1 pinkiness1 pinkyness1 radiantcms1 regarded1 regardeless1 regardles1 rosy1 rougher1 roughlydrafted1 roughtype1 rougly1 rubyaeosa1 rubyb1 rubybuch1 rubychan1 rubycheat1 rubyclrdev1 rubyclrs1 rubycoco1 rubycodingconvention1 rubydev1 rubydl1 rubydo1 rubyenv1 rubyfacets1 rubyfleebie1 rubyfoge1 rubyforen1 rubyfu1 rubyfuncall1 rubyfuse1 rubygames1 rubyge1 rubygemsversion1 rubygemversion1 rubygl1 rubygods1 rubygolf1 rubyh1 rubyid1 rubyidioms1 rubyify1 rubyinternalrootobjectakakernel1 rubyinterp1 rubyinterpreter1 rubyirc1 rubyisms1 rubyista1 rubyistas1 rubyixp1 rubyizable1 rubyjedit1 rubyl1 rubyland1 rubylibs1 rubylicense1 rubylot1 rubylution1 rubymethodlookupflow1 rubymurray1 rubynoob1 rubyobj1 rubyonails1 rubyonarils1 rubyongoat1 rubyonraials1 rubyonralis1 rubyorails1 rubyphototest1 rubypki1 rubyplib1 rubyquines1 rubyrails1 rubyre1 rubyrocksafk1 rubyrubyrubyruby1 rubyscri1 rubysers1 rubyshell1 rubyshop1 rubysocks1 rubystuff1 rubystyleguide1 rubystylejs1 rubyswen1 rubyt1 rubytalk1 rubytoken1 rubytorrent1 rubyurl1 rubyuser1 rubyverse1 rubyway1 rubyweeklynews1 rubyxx1 scarlett1 scenerio1 scents1 sheen1 shiney1 shinies1 shinoda1 shinzo1 shinzos1 shone1 surveys1 tint1 translucent1 viewcvs1 viewdownload1 viewport1 viewtopic1 viewvcs1 visibly1 visionary1 visualbasic1 visualbell1 visualize1 visualizers1 visualizes1 visualizing1 watchin1 witness1
thanks3199 say1738 call1609 help1255 said1105 tell930 called919 ask809 able638 please597 answer532 message520 says507 saying498 talking484 thank458 rescue433 depends422 calls412 talk351 asking317 calling299 messages282 request278 information257 explain240 agree222 allow212 asked206 told197 comment186 respond183 suggest173 quote161 console152 quotes152 shared149 address147 accept145 tells140 comments139 follow137 depending134 following133 response132 caller121 service121 allows116 mentioned116 share113 helpful112 mention112 helps109 speak104 allowed101 requests100 signal100 speaking100 suggestions99 discussion96 guide95 telling93 protected91 advice90 representation88 agreed86 dependencies83 commit76 suggested75 answers73 represent73 suggestion72 treat70 helper68 callback65 dependency65 followed64 accepts63 teach60 admit59 answered59 conversation58 helping57 excuse56 depend55 describe54 conversion52 reply51 conference48 declare48 callbacks47 asks44 services44 callcc43 responds43 signals43 instructions42 reminds41 explains40 helped40 offer39 quoted38 explained37 suggesting37 addresses36 described36 meeting36 represents36 explaining35 meet35 represented35 teaching35 talked34 accepted33 allowing33 declaration33 declared33 teacher33 representing32 dependent31 confirm30 acceptable29 protect29 talks29 answering28 helpers28 communicate27 follows27 sharing27 instruction26 introduce26 dependant25 guido25 met25 remind25 social25 describing24 protection24 requested24 granted23 pardon23 convince22 treated22 mentioning21 promising21 utterly21 communication20 greet20 responsible20 taught20 discussing19 accepting18 discuss18 offers18 forgive17 propose17 speaker17 treats17 utter17 admittedly16 commented16 convinced16 education16 introducing16 pleasant16 sayin16 commits15 conferences15 declaring15 mentions15 offered15 promise15 conversions14 responses14 speaks14 suggests14 commenting13 introduction13 messaging13 thankfully13 visit13 visited13 agreement12 apologize12 describes12 discussions12 greetings12 guid12 replicate12 spoke12 visiting12 communications11 discussed11 interview11 proposal11 remark11 speech11 spoken11 aid10 callable10 greeting10 greets10 inform10 introduced10 proposed10 replied10 responding10 shares10 talkin10 advised9 agrees9 committed9 communicating9 consolas9 educated9 grant9 influence9 introduces9 invite9 ment9 participate9 pleasure9 rescued9 rescues9 sales9 thankyou9 treating9 aids8 assist8 convincing8 declarative8 quotation8 reminding8 replies8 representations8 rescuing8 sharp8 teachers8 addressed7 addressing7 announced7 assure7 educate7 encourage7 followup7 informative7 meetings7 meets7 mutually7 proposals7 reminded7 responsive7 sworn7 teaches7 announcement6 appealing6 callee6 committee6 confess6 congratulations6 conversations6 declarations6 declares6 encouraged6 forgiving6 gift6 invites6 lend6 meetup6 offering6 persuade6 promised6 responded6 sale6 speakers6 advise5 apologise5 assistance5 assured5 callstack5 commiting5 committer5 confidence5 educational5 encouraging5 excuses5 guidance5 guidelines5 influenced5 instructor5 pleased5 protects5 responsibility5 shareware5 thankful5 visitors5 admitted4 agreeing4 announce4 appeal4 approved4 borrow4 borrowed4 committing4 conduct4 confident4 confirms4 consult4 election4 encourages4 explaination4 generous4 informed4 pleasing4 protecting4 remarkably4 reminder4 requesting4 talkfilters4 teller4 thankx4 acceptance3 admitting3 advisory3 agressive3 aidan3 announcements3 apologized3 callers3 callout3 commentary3 commited3 committees3 confession3 confirmation3 confirmed3 consoles3 conversely3 cooperative3 dependancies3 dependancy3 dependence3 donation3 forgiven3 forgiveness3 gifts3 guides3 guids3 helpfully3 imitate3 imitating3 imitation3 imitations3 invitation3 lends3 participating3 preach3 promises3 quot3 quotefiled3 sharereactor3 teachpack3 visitor3 accepturlok2 allowable2 allowes2 approval2 approve2 assuredly2 borrows2 callfree2 callin2 callled2 callusers2 commitment2 communicates2 confidential2 converse2 cooperate2 cooperation2 depended2 dependend2 discusses2 donate2 educating2 encouragement2 escort2 generously2 greetuser2 guided2 guideline2 helpfull2 helpfulness2 helpgrep2 helpless2 influences2 informations2 invitations2 invited2 messageid2 mutual2 pleasse2 preached2 preacher2 proposition2 remarkable2 remarks2 replication2 rescure2 responder2 responsibilities2 sayd2 sayer2 sayhello2 saynotomilk2 sharehdspace2 shelter2 signalexception2 speaky2 suggestive2 talkinga2 teached2 thankie2 thanking2 ableto1 acceptably1 acceptedclass1 acceptt1 addres1 addressbook1 addressses1 admits1 admittdly1 admittely1 admittidly1 advices1 advicing1 adviser1 agreements1 aidanf1 aided1 aidfference1 aidu1 announcer1 announcing1 answerr1 apologised1 apologising1 apologizes1 apologizing1 appeals1 approving1 approvingly1 assisted1 assures1 borrowing1 callchain1 calle1 calledd1 calles1 calliing1 callong1 callsmergeworker1 callsomemethod1 callss1 commentout1 commentvie1 commitee1 commitement1 commiter1 commithook1 commitor1 committ1 communicated1 conductors1 conferencesperson1 conferencing1 confessed1 confirmations1 confirming1 congratulate1 consensus1 consolasexample1 consolelike1 conversar1 converservly1 converstion1 cooperating1 declaratio1 dependable1 describable1 dialogue1 dialogues1 discourse1 discussioin1 donated1 donations1 elections1 engaged1 engagement1 engaging1 excused1 explainging1 explaint1 followable1 greetfest1 greetz1 guideance1 guiding1 helpf1 helpfl1 helpign1 helpin1 helpme1 helpufl1 informatinon1 informix1 informnation1 inquire1 inquired1 instruct1 instructional1 interviewing1 interviews1 introductions1 introductory1 inviting1 kneel1 lending1 lent1 meetin1 mentioend1 mentionied1 messageboard1 messagens1 metched1 mettureng1 offerings1 participates1 persuading1 pleasa1 pleasantly1 pleaseassignandnotcompare1 pleases1 pleasureful1 pleasures1 proclaim1 promissing1 proposing1 proposols1 protecte1 quotable1 quotables1 quotemeta1 quotey1 remarked1 replica1 representative1 representitive1 requester1 requestor1 rescuable1 rescueable1 rescueing1 rescuers1 responde1 responders1 responseformaterror1 responsiveness1 saidf1 sayeth1 sayingthat1 sayyng1 sayyy1 serviced1 shar1 shards1 shareing1 sharif1 signaled1 signalexceptions1 signaling1 socialist1 socializing1 socially1 socialtext1 speeches1 speechtek1 spokesman1 suggestins1 suggestiong1 suggestiongon1 suggestiung1 talkative1 talkers1 talkig1 talkign1 talkingabout1 talkingpointsmemo1 talkt1 tellme1 thanked1 thankee1 thankies1 thankless1 thankoo1 thanksanyways1 thanksd1 thankya1 treaten1 treaty1 utterance1 visitalo1
class5736 array2885 simple882 system875 classes873 list818 index554 order488 constant467 standard400 arrays392 format380 form368 normal277 constants272 simply240 neat224 normally123 systems119 lists111 simpler90 listen86 forms68 precision61 formats57 former55 listed53 consistent51 accurate49 indexing48 listening45 indexes44 series44 formatting43 classname41 listing38 precisely38 simplest38 classic35 divide32 measure32 classmethods31 standards31 precise30 formatted29 universal27 serial25 constantly24 standarderror23 classify21 consistently18 normalize18 formal17 systemexit17 standardvariables16 constantize15 formula15 neato15 simplified15 formatter14 simplify14 indexed13 accurately12 formed12 balanced11 classical11 listener11 consistency10 grade10 moderately10 standardized10 systemstackerror10 balance9 listings9 arrange8 balancer8 divided8 listened8 simplesis8 simplicity8 formulate7 grad7 indexerror7 measures7 measuring7 moderator7 neatly7 rank7 standarderrors7 uniform7 accuraterip6 balancing6 classmethod6 graduate6 measurement6 normalization6 simplehttp6 classb5 listens5 listerine5 neater5 neatest5 normalized5 normalizer5 simplier5 simplistic5 standardset5 arrangement4 arranger4 catalog4 classifier4 classy4 divides4 dividing4 gradually4 measurable4 measured4 moderate4 simpledelegator4 simpletype4 simplification4 standardize4 balancers3 classically3 classification3 classified3 classifying3 classof3 classroom3 formating3 formerly3 forming3 formulated3 graduated3 graduating3 normalizes3 normalizing3 ranking3 simplifies3 symmetric3 symmetrical3 arranging2 arraylike2 balances2 catalogue2 classfile2 classless2 classrooms2 classses2 classvar2 classvars2 constantname2 divider2 formally2 formated2 forme2 formulation2 gradable2 gradient2 indexable2 listeners2 listp2 listpoint2 moderation2 simplelog2 simplerss2 simplesystems2 simplifying2 standardise2 symmetry2 systemwide2 arrayin1 arrayname1 arraywithnitems1 cataloged1 classcollection1 classed1 classery1 classesandmodules1 classeslikethis1 classess1 classics1 classier1 classifications1 classifiers1 classinstancevar1 classinstancevariable1 classmates1 classnames1 classormodule1 classpath1 classs1 classsites1 classtableinheritanceinrails1 classvariable1 classyouwant1 consistence1 constanct1 dividend1 formalism1 formalize1 formalizing1 formaller1 formative1 formatters1 formattingn1 formbuilder1 formby1 formfactory1 formhelper1 formidable1 formular1 formulas1 grades1 gradients1 graduation1 indexs1 liste1 listend1 listenned1 listensocket1 listentry1 listes1 listfile1 listins1 listiterator1 listne1 listofcharacters1 listofstuff1 listview1 listviews1 measureable1 measurements1 moderated1 moderates1 moderating1 neatbeans1 norm1 normalise1 normals1 normaly1 ordinal1 precisin1 precisions1 precisly1 ranked1 rankine1 reorganize1 reorganizing1 simpl1 simpleapp1 simpleapplication1 simpleconsole1 simpled1 simpledelegate1 simplehhtp1 simplemarkup1 simples1 simpletypes1 simplexity1 simplexml1 simplication1 simplist1 standardizes1 systematic1 systematically1 systemtime1 uniformly1
like8495 kind809 love435 kinda410 likely226 friend210 welcome167 familiar137 friends113 dear86 liked86 appreciate69 patterns68 favorite56 kinds54 friendly45 likes43 affect41 appreciated33 lovely27 favor23 liking23 loves22 affects18 likewise18 favourite16 embrace15 loved15 loverly13 mate13 pity13 fond12 loving12 pat11 kindof10 goodbye8 lover8 married8 favorites7 affected6 attractive5 friendlier5 friendship5 kindly5 mercy5 beloved4 embraced4 likey4 lovers4 friendliness3 grateful3 intimately3 likethis3 marry3 mates3 appreciation2 dearly2 familiarity2 familiarize2 favour2 intimate2 kindergarten2 likeley2 likelihood2 likelyhood2 loveruby2 marriage2 affectation1 affecting1 affection1 amorous1 appreciative1 attractiveness1 dearest1 devote1 devoted1 devotee1 embraces1 embracing1 enamored1 favorable1 favored1 favors1 friended1 friendl1 friendlenldineliy1 friendliest1 friendy1 gratefull1 kindda1 kinde1 kindsa1 likeable1 likei1 likein1 likelier1 likelty1 likeminded1 liken1 liket1 likethat1 likethisstring1 lov1 lovelingly1 lovin1 lovingly1 lovsters1 marriages1 marrying1 mating1 mercyme1 patterntomatchname1 patters1 patthname1 patting1 patty1 pitiful1 sympathetically1 sympathise1 sympathizers1 sympathy1 welcomed1
require1444 block1415 bar1080 must555 stop456 blocks294 control237 bindings235 binding233 controller231 catch220 required209 requires193 assign165 assignment158 limit115 bind104 lock103 determine94 necessary93 limited92 capture81 management77 assigned72 requiring69 prevent68 manage66 managed65 manager64 blocking62 bound62 stopped60 stops60 controllers49 shut47 strict47 caught46 assigning40 captures40 requirements39 requirement36 permissions33 limits32 determined28 catching27 permission26 bars24 refuse24 interrupt23 assignments22 constraints21 locking21 strictly21 stopping20 bounds19 capturing19 deterministic18 shutdown18 boundaries17 determining17 limitations17 managing17 limitation16 locked16 constraint15 forbidden15 insist15 coerce14 controlled14 managers14 manages14 refused14 binds13 catches13 imperative13 captured12 compelling12 forbid12 halt12 preventing12 determines11 limiting11 strictmoney11 blocked10 discipline10 halting10 locks10 prevents10 authorized9 boundary9 coerced9 interfere9 policy9 catchy8 insists8 jail8 resist8 tax8 assigns7 controlling7 controls7 enclose7 guard7 penalty7 authorization6 police6 shuts6 shutting6 suppress6 barring5 bounded5 catcher5 enclosing5 manageable5 necessity5 obligatory5 refusing5 shutdownday5 authorize4 conform4 constrained4 interrupted4 obey4 permissive4 permitted4 prevented4 prohibited4 refuses4 resistance4 stopwatch4 cage3 compelled3 controler3 controlmaster3 insisted3 interferon3 interrupting3 interrupts3 managable3 mustn3 obligation3 penalties3 policies3 reigning3 requireing3 stoping3 suppressing3 taboo3 assignable2 assignement2 assignmnet2 bindints2 bindir2 blockage2 blockbuster2 blockform2 boundry2 confined2 conformant2 conforming2 controlers2 determin2 determinate2 deterministically2 enclosed2 forbids2 guardian2 interference2 limitted2 lockdown2 obligated2 obliged2 obstacle2 penalize2 permit2 prescribed2 prevention2 prison2 punish2 punishment2 refusde2 stoped2 stricter2 strictest2 arrest1 arrested1 assigne1 assigniinig1 assigntoself1 binded1 bindingover1 bindiungs1 blocken1 blockin1 blockj1 boundries1 cagi1 capturethecrap1 catchable1 catche1 catchphrase1 catchup1 coerces1 coercing1 coercion1 confining1 constrain1 controll1 controllre1 controlserver1 decree1 decreed1 deter1 detered1 determinable1 determinants1 determing1 determistic1 determne1 encloses1 forbidding1 guarding1 guards1 halted1 halts1 hampered1 hampering1 hinder1 hindering1 hindrance1 imperatively1 inhibit1 insistence1 insisting1 interfering1 interruptus1 jailed1 jails1 limiter1 limitless1 lockable1 lockfile1 lockfiles1 lockin1 lockup1 managementt1 managet1 managment1 musta1 mustache1 mustgonow1 mustnt1 obedience1 obeys1 oblige1 obligs1 permissible1 permitting1 polictical1 prescribes1 prevail1 prevailed1 prevailing1 prohibit1 prohibiting1 prohibition1 prohibits1 punishable1 refusal1 reign1 requir1 requiredarg1 requiregem1 requirment1 resistant1 resisted1 scold1 scolding1 shuttle1 shuttles1 shutup1 stopdoc1 stopgap1 stoppage1 stopppppp1 stopspam1 strictarray1 strictfeedlistener1 strictness1 summons1 suppressed1
should3558 right3028 correct490 shouldn423 proper224 correctly184 properly161 custom133 honestly85 virtual71 properties67 law62 property59 shouldnt53 honest48 ought46 respect46 customer45 legal42 customers26 moral22 corrected17 customize17 laws17 rights17 correction15 shoulda11 correctness10 legally10 righto10 legitimate7 virtualhost7 customization6 oughtn6 virtually6 correcting5 customized5 honesty5 honor5 propernames5 customizable4 duty4 justice4 legaly4 privileges4 virtualized4 ethical3 rightly3 virtualization3 virtualizing3 corrections2 customercode2 customizing2 oughta2 oughtta2 privilege2 respectful2 respectfully2 rightio2 rightmost2 rightyear2 shoulder2 consciencosnlously1 correcter1 correctnes1 correcto1 corrector1 correctthe1 correcture1 customercard1 customizations1 customizingfaces1 ethically1 honorary1 honored1 honors1 honour1 legality1 legitimacy1 legitimately1 morale1 morales1 morally1 morals1 moraly1 privileged1 properply1 propertyname1 rightclicking1 righteous1 rightfully1 righthand1 rightr1 rightrightright1 sanctuary1 shouldbe1 shouldeth1 shoulds1 shouldt1 shouldyield1 virtualfunction1 virtualhosts1 virtualize1 virtue1 virtues1
line1647 windows898 path841 lines626 access570 channel455 framework281 accessor236 port235 window214 step174 entry133 paths97 frameworks72 accessors63 channels63 edge62 route62 vista58 frame54 accessible50 accessing49 frames45 pathname42 steps42 wall41 routes40 bridge37 ports37 road29 accessed26 curb24 street23 routines22 routing22 barrier20 trailing20 door17 floor17 gateway16 router16 routine16 edges15 hallo15 coast14 gates14 margin12 roads12 marginally10 gate9 stepping9 walls9 borders8 edgy8 accesses7 windowmanager7 border6 stephen6 acces5 accessable5 bridges5 floors5 frameoffset5 roadmap5 trail5 wallpaper5 accesible4 bridging4 framed4 halle4 margins4 peripheral4 roadblock4 stepped4 threshold4 trails4 windowing4 bordering3 borderline3 fence3 framerate3 halloo3 roadblocks3 routed3 routinely3 stairs3 streets3 windowed3 accesable2 accesor2 brink2 canal2 channelid2 coaster2 coasters2 conduit2 doors2 edgecases2 entrance2 entrypoint2 fencepost2 fences2 fencing2 ferric2 frameno2 fringe2 gatewayports2 hallelujah2 hallucinating2 hallucination2 horizontally2 lane2 lined2 pathmap2 portname2 portsnap2 rim2 steping2 trailer2 vistascript2 vistasmalltalk2 windowses2 accesscontrol1 accesseble1 accessibility1 accessibly1 accessory1 accesspdf1 accessplugin1 accesssors1 avenue1 bridged1 brimstone1 channeled1 channelgoers1 channelish1 channell1 coasted1 doormat1 edgecase1 edgetechcorp1 entrancingly1 entrys1 framebuffer1 framewor1 frameworkf1 frameworkize1 framewrk1 framing1 framwork1 fringes1 gatekeeper1 gatekeeping1 gateways1 hall1 halleluja1 halleuya1 hallibut1 halloween1 hallucenogenic1 hallucinated1 hallway1 horizon1 horizontal1 lining1 marginal1 pathc1 pathfinder1 pathrev1 portbinding1 porthos1 portscanner1 rims1 roadblocker1 roadbuilding1 routers1 routs1 stairway1 stephanie1 stephens1 stephenson1 vistas1 vistasmalltalkorwhateveritis1 wallace1 wallet1 wallop1 wallpapers1 windowserver1 windowsland1 windowsxp1
argument448 arguments439 broken368 hate357 break350 slapaho294 kill216 doubt197 hit179 annoying144 stable107 bother105 breaks105 iratik88 argumenterror86 cut85 opposite79 beat73 opposed68 broke67 breaking65 shot64 complain63 disagree63 kick59 war58 complaining55 destroy53 kills53 shoot53 abuse52 ax51 hurt51 killing51 blame50 argue48 killed47 dislike45 beats44 hits44 breakpoint42 angry39 blade39 mock38 attack36 complains35 fight35 hitting35 steal35 gun33 ridiculous32 rob32 destructive31 breakpointer29 critical29 arguing27 arrow27 hates27 fighting26 kicks26 rip25 sarcasm25 bothered23 kicked23 killer23 battle22 hurts22 stab21 abusing20 conflict20 defeats20 kicking20 army19 bothering19 cutting19 annoyed18 annoys18 annoy17 complaint17 conflicting17 destructors17 ridiculously17 breakpoints16 conflicts16 destructor16 harm16 shooting16 wars16 arrows15 bothers15 complained15 destroyed15 guns15 harmful15 offended15 damage14 enemy14 hated14 mocking14 complaints13 stole13 axe12 destroying12 disturbing12 irritating12 murder12 shootout12 stealing12 struggling12 beating11 exploit11 insult11 killall11 mocks11 rage11 ripped11 sarcastic11 severities11 violate11 cuts10 damaged10 shove10 slap10 smash10 strikes10 violation10 attacks9 criticism9 irkheikk9 knife9 stolen9 wound9 abused8 angrymoderator8 arguably8 beaten8 blaming8 harsh8 insulting8 rippi8 severity8 stability8 strike8 torture8 anger7 cruel7 defeat7 doubtful7 jealous7 mocked7 whip7 annoyance6 attacker6 crush6 defeated6 disagreeing6 exterminate6 hostile6 iratiku6 ripper6 slapping6 sword6 threat6 angryelf5 arguable5 attacked5 battlefield5 breakage5 breakfast5 broker5 brutal5 criticizing5 cutters5 destruction5 destructuring5 exploits5 fought5 harmless5 invading5 irritated5 kicker5 opposites5 severe5 shots5 stabbing5 struck5 struggle5 torn5 violates5 violating5 weapon5 aggressive4 annoyingly4 argumentation4 attacking4 blam4 degrade4 enemies4 fighter4 hater4 hurting4 invaded4 ripping4 robbie4 robbyonrails4 severly4 shoots4 shoved4 abusive3 accused3 accusing3 afflicted3 aggression3 argued3 arguement3 argumenterrors3 battles3 breakthrough3 brokenness3 brokers3 combat3 criticize3 crushed3 deprived3 despise3 destroys3 destructively3 destructures3 disagrees3 doubting3 doubts3 furious3 hatezilla3 insults3 invasion3 irk3 irked3 irritates3 offend3 offender3 offending3 oppositedayexists3 raping3 seizure3 sever3 severely3 shooter3 shotgun3 slaps3 smashing3 stoled3 stubborn3 traitor3 tyrants3 violently3 weapons3 wrath3 abuses2 aggressively2 annihilation2 arguements2 argumenting2 axes2 battling2 breakages2 complaing2 condemned2 controversial2 critic2 deceived2 deceiving2 defeating2 deprivation2 destructions2 destructure2 disliked2 dislikes2 exploiting2 feud2 fighters2 fights2 gunna2 harmed2 hateful2 hittin2 invasive2 kickban2 killin2 kilograms2 mockery2 mockio2 offends2 resent2 revenge2 revolts2 sarcastically2 slainer2 slappy2 slaughter2 stabbed2 strikethrough2 striking2 threatening2 trample2 violence2 violent2 warrior2 whipped2 wounded2 abhor1 abhorred1 abhorrent1 abusage1 abusizing1 accuses1 accustomed1 aggressiveness1 angered1 angerly1 angers1 angrily1 angryflower1 annihilate1 annihilated1 annoyances1 annoyiing1 argum1 argumennts1 argumented1 argumetns1 arrowy1 assault1 assaulted1 avengers1 battleaxes1 battlestation1 beak1 beatblender1 beatiful1 beatles1 beatutiful1 betray1 betraying1 blamed1 blames1 bothersome1 brawling1 breakable1 breakbpoint1 breaked1 breaker1 breakout1 breakpointering1 brokendontlookyoureyeswillburn1 brokeness1 brokerage1 brokey1 brutally1 cannon1 combatant1 complaine1 complainging1 complainin1 conflicted1 conflictual1 critics1 critique1 crushingly1 damaging1 deceit1 defeatinng1 degrading1 demolish1 despised1 destroyer1 destroyers1 destroyes1 destroyfriend1 destruct1 destructed1 destructs1 destructuive1 disagreeable1 disagreed1 disagreement1 disapprove1 dispute1 disputing1 disturb1 disturbance1 exploited1 exploiter1 exterminated1 exterminates1 exterminator1 fierce1 fiercely1 fiercer1 fiercly1 grudges1 harming1 harms1 hatena1 haters1 hatest1 hatet1 hatred1 injured1 injuries1 injury1 insulted1 invade1 invadeiceland1 iratick1 irkhei1 irritate1 irritation1 kickass1 kickbanned1 kickboy1 kickery1 kickin1 kickout1 kile1 killerquiz1 killersudoku1 killling1 killnine1 kilmer1 kilobyte1 kilobytes1 kilometer1 kilometers1 mockup1 murdered1 murderer1 opposer1 opposing1 oppositeday1 oppositions1 oppostite1 protest1 rebel1 rebelled1 rebelling1 rebellion1 reveng1 robbers1 robbery1 scoff1 seized1 seizing1 severable1 severl1 severside1 shoves1 shoving1 slander1 slapahoe1 slapped1 slapper1 slappin1 spear1 spearating1 stabby1 stabs1 stealers1 steals1 stealthismovie1 struggled1 struggly1 stubbornly1 temper1 tempered1 threatning1 tornadoes1 torturial1 torturing1 treacherous1 unkind1 vengeance1 violated1 violations1 violatoin1 violator1 weaponery1 weaponry1 whippersnappers1 whiptail1 wounders1 wounds1
sucks373 fast368 suck251 fork189 apple135 feed134 raw109 eat105 sugar68 beer65 cookie65 menu63 lunch60 digest59 cookies56 food56 feeds55 cocoa54 coffee52 nuts51 fat46 drunk45 drink44 eating43 bacon38 veal36 forks35 bite32 cook31 corner27 salt27 sucked27 applescript26 candy26 cough26 spit26 consume25 drinking24 forking24 eats23 tea23 sucking21 cookbook20 forked20 tongueroo20 apples19 butter18 cooking18 soup18 sucky18 dinner17 milk17 cheese16 consuming16 meat16 consumption15 eggs15 beers14 choke14 cream14 spits13 vodka13 cake12 cooked12 egg12 mouth12 bean11 eaten11 nut11 sauce11 bread10 chokes10 corners10 fed10 ham10 suckage10 tongue10 ale9 grained9 gut9 guts9 pearl9 spitting9 swallow9 tit9 vomit9 bites8 eggdrop8 rum8 stomach8 teeth8 beans7 dish7 fruit7 grape7 lick7 menus7 mushrooms7 pot7 potato7 spoon7 throat7 consumer6 consumes6 dietbuddha6 grain6 honey6 mushroom6 repaste6 saucer6 applet5 applets5 beef5 consumed5 corn5 dessert5 eggnog5 fruits5 juice5 lemon5 peanut5 sucker5 whiskey5 banana4 bitten4 brew4 brewing4 cafe4 cherry4 consumers4 creamy4 drank4 drinks4 forkbomb4 gin4 herbert4 salad4 sesame4 spatula4 suckers4 swallowed4 bananas3 beverage3 chew3 choking3 cooks3 diet3 fig3 garlic3 lime3 meal3 oral3 peppers3 pineapple3 poison3 pork3 roast3 supper3 tomato3 vegetables3 wheat3 applebuf2 beefy2 bitey2 breadcrumbs2 brewery2 buttery2 chewed2 chewing2 chokola2 consumable2 diety2 digestion2 drinkable2 drinker2 drunks2 eatin2 foods2 fruition2 fruity2 juicy2 lap2 licks2 limes2 liquor2 luncheon2 lunchtime2 meatbag2 meatspin2 menubar2 milking2 olivier2 orals2 palatable2 peanuts2 pear2 peark2 peas2 repasted2 salts2 soups2 spite2 spoons2 starves2 strawberry2 suckitude2 teas2 tits2 tomatoes2 tooth2 appetite1 applease1 applecript1 appledouble1 applefar1 appleremote1 applescripts1 applesoft1 applewebkit1 bacons1 bananananaanananaaananana1 beanshell1 beefed1 beefing1 berry1 biscuits1 bitecode1 bitemarks1 biter1 biters1 biting1 bready1 brewed1 brewer1 cannibalize1 caviar1 champagne1 cheesecake1 cheesyness1 cherrypicking1 choked1 chokin1 cocoalocker1 coffe1 consumpton1 cookbooks1 cookiefile1 cookiejar1 corndogs1 cornell1 cornered1 cornoary1 corns1 coughcough1 coughing1 coughphpcough1 cought1 devour1 dietbudd1 digested1 dining1 dinnertime1 dishes1 drinkee1 drinkin1 drunked1 drunken1 drunkeness1 eates1 eatflamingdeath1 eatuing1 eggagerate1 egggzactly1 eggz1 feast1 flour1 foodening1 foodstuffs1 forkbombs1 forkinig1 forklift1 forklifts1 fruitful1 fruitless1 gnaw1 gobbledy1 gobbles1 grains1 grapes1 graps1 grog1 gulp1 gum1 herbet1 herbs1 honeymoon1 honeypot1 intestine1 jaw1 lemons1 licking1 lip1 meatballs1 menucard1 milkman1 mint1 mouthful1 mouths1 mouthwash1 nauseam1 nibble1 nibbler1 nibblers1 nibbles1 olive1 oliver1 olives1 partake1 pearls1 pearpc1 pears1 peppering1 peppermint1 poisoning1 poisons1 potatoes1 pots1 rice1 roasted1 salivate1 salted1 saltetd1 salting1 salty1 soupcracker1 spat1 spatulas1 spitefulness1 starving1 strawberries1 sucka1 suckas1 suckful1 suckier1 suckify1 suckiness1 suckingstuff1 sucksssssssssssss1 sugarcrm1 sugared1 sugarfree1 sugary1 swallowing1 teatcher1 teeths1 tomatos1 toothbrush1 uncooked1 vomiting1 vomitted1 wheather1 wheaton1 yams1
slow407 yield249 static225 rest214 die211 safe169 dead153 lazy134 slower127 bed108 death92 security75 submit63 lies53 dies52 repository50 secure39 deadsouls38 quiet37 lie36 died35 slowly35 statically30 repos29 dying26 restful25 ease24 submitted21 idle20 safety20 slackwise20 deadlock19 safely18 linger17 silently17 silence16 calm15 lay15 deadline13 silent13 slows13 soothsay13 yielding12 slowness10 relax9 slack9 deadlocks8 indifferent8 laid8 slackware8 hush7 laying7 yielded7 idling6 repositories6 slowest6 slowing6 boredom5 idlehero5 passive5 procrastination5 securing5 slowdown5 deadinplastic4 lazyer4 lazyness4 peacefully4 relaxed4 securityerror4 slacker4 sluggish4 deadlines3 deadlocking3 deadly3 idl3 inactive3 inertia3 lingering3 lull3 lulz3 passiverecord3 procrastinate3 retire3 securely3 slowely3 sooth3 stagnant3 submission3 submitting3 couch2 decay2 decaying2 drift2 eases2 idlers2 lays2 leisure2 procrastinating2 rested2 restless2 retires2 silentpcreview2 slowdowns2 slowed2 slowwww2 staticvector2 submissions2 submits2 yieldparam2 apathetic1 beds1 calmer1 contentment1 deadcgi1 deadfart1 deadtree1 deathawaitsyouallwithbigpointyteeth1 deaths1 dormant1 drifted1 drifting1 hushssss1 idlefunc1 idly1 inactivity1 lazyports1 lazyweb1 leisurely1 quieter1 quietly1 reposting1 rests1 restuarant1 resturants1 retired1 retirement1 safetynet1 secured1 securityfocus1 serendipitiously1 serendipitously1 silences1 slackers1 slacking1 slowaris1 slowbie1 slowernet1 slowish1 slownewsday1 slowww1 soothe1 soothers1 soothesayer1 staticer1 statictext1 submissive1 submitter1 submitters1 tranquilo1
handle388 hand284 head276 body180 header155 brain152 handling130 headius119 headers108 handles106 handy98 face93 handled82 handler72 hands60 eyes59 eye55 bloody42 chino33 brains28 foot27 hair25 handlers25 headache25 toe24 thumb23 feet21 heads21 organized21 brainfuck20 china18 handed16 arm14 blood12 organize12 arms11 hairs11 headhunter11 hip11 leg11 organization11 skin11 hairy10 handful10 headaches10 headed10 heading10 neck10 chin9 legs9 thumbnails9 knees8 bodies7 brainfart7 footype7 thumbnail7 braindead6 eyeball6 faces6 muscle6 organizing6 handing5 organisation5 skins5 toes5 bone4 eyeballs4 football4 footer4 heels4 palm4 brainer3 brainstorm3 chest3 ching3 eyecandy3 eyed3 eyeroll3 flesh3 forehead3 headblob3 heel3 palms3 skinny3 skull3 thumbs3 braindamaged2 brainz2 cheek2 corps2 eyeballing2 eyemap2 fleshy2 footprint2 haircut2 haired2 handily2 handwriting2 headerless2 headless2 headphones2 knee2 limbaugh2 limbo2 limbs2 liver2 organic2 organised2 organisms2 organizes2 palmos2 rib2 skinned2 thumbing2 thumbnailing2 vein2 beardmacs1 blooded1 bloodsport1 bloodstains1 bloodstream1 bodily1 bodybuilding1 bones1 brainbug1 braindump1 brainf1 brainfuckking1 braino1 brainrow1 brainsoup1 brainspl1 brainstorming1 brainteaser1 brainwashed1 brainwashing1 brows1 cheeky1 chests1 chinko1 eyebrow1 eyecancer1 eyepatch1 eyeshot1 fleshbot1 fleshed1 fleshing1 footers1 footnote1 hairloss1 handbasket1 handcoding1 handde1 handel1 handheld1 handholding1 handjobs1 handleing1 handliing1 handlinig1 handmade1 handsets1 handsome1 handson1 handwaves1 handwaving1 handwritten1 headaching1 headachy1 headcrab1 headerrs1 headlights1 headscratchy1 headset1 headshot1 headsup1 kidneys1 limb1 limbagic1 navel1 necked1 necker1 necks1 organ1 organazational1 organism1 organizers1 organizms1 ribs1 skinnier1 skinning1 thumbnailed1 thumbtack1 wrist1
great630 wonder391 awesome330 wondering282 rich117 wonderful61 extremely57 wondered52 greater30 principle29 brilliant26 superior25 extreme22 proud20 principles18 hero17 supreme17 awesomeness16 genius15 victory14 famous12 greatest12 gold11 adventure10 golden10 greatly10 richard10 elite9 glorified9 empire8 glorious8 arrogance7 heroes7 arrogant6 glory6 wonderfully6 conquer5 extremly5 throne5 triumph5 wealth5 caesar4 geniuses4 noblock4 outstanding4 principal4 royalties4 superiority4 admire3 castle3 exhibit3 greatness3 noble3 pride3 royal3 adventurous2 awe2 aweful2 elitefrontier2 elitist2 exhibits2 fame2 famously2 goldberg2 grandeur2 heroin2 magnificently2 prince2 princeton2 proudly2 richer2 royality2 splendid2 admirable1 admired1 admiring1 applaud1 awesoem1 awesomely1 awesomeomgwtfness1 awesomer1 awesometastic1 awesoooome1 awesumz1 boasted1 castles1 conquered1 conqueror1 conquers1 elitism1 emperor1 exalted1 exquisite1 extraordinary1 extremist1 famouse1 foremost1 glorfied1 gloriously1 goldbach1 goldenv1 greatamerica1 greatful1 greatnick1 greats1 heroic1 heroics1 heroines1 kingdom1 majestically1 majesty1 nobles1 palaces1 prestige1 princess1 principally1 principals1 principially1 proudness1 resplendent1 richcollins1 riches1 richest1 richkilmer1 richland1 royally1 royals1 strut1 struth1 struts1 struture1 sublimal1 subliminal1 supremecist1 supremum1 triumphs1 wondercon1 wonderd1 wonderign1 wondermill1 wonderng1 wonderofthewhenbeflat1 wonderous1
sounds594 heard312 sound177 hear171 echo147 humm83 music58 hum55 heart38 temporary37 buzz34 noise31 bang27 ring27 voice27 loud25 boom21 sounded16 hearing14 snap13 sounding13 bell12 ears12 pealco12 snapshot11 temporarily11 bells10 banging9 buzzwords9 hearts9 voices9 blarg8 loudly8 bangs7 harkins7 hummer7 musics7 temporal7 blargh6 snapshots6 tone6 tune6 whistles6 rings5 soundtrack5 tunes5 chord4 ear4 echoing4 melodic4 musical4 raspberry4 snapping4 snaps4 tempobj4 whirl4 aloud3 buzzword3 chording3 crackles3 drum3 hearsay3 musicbrainz3 rhythm3 ringserver3 snapped3 snappy3 swish3 tones3 trillion3 banged2 belly2 buzzed2 chorus2 clack2 deaf2 drums2 heartily2 hiss2 hummmm2 musicians2 rattlesnake2 rumble2 temporarly2 trillian2 tuned2 banger1 bangladesh1 bellair1 bellbottoms1 bellevue1 belli1 belligerent1 bellingham1 blar1 blarh1 blarr1 boomf1 boomstick1 chorded1 chords1 croak1 deafening1 deafult1 drone1 drumb1 echoed1 echoes1 echoserver1 hark1 hearby1 hearding1 hears1 heartache1 heartattack1 heartbeat1 heartbeats1 hearted1 heartedly1 hearty1 hisself1 louder1 loudest1 musicdir1 musicmagician1 noiseless1 noises1 noisily1 noisy1 purr1 purring1 racket1 raspell1 rasputin1 ringa1 ringfinger1 ringing1 ringserve1 ringtones1 ringworld1 snappage1 snappah1 snapper1 snappier1 snappng1 sounddsp1 soundin1 soundlobster1 soundmanager1 soundsystem1 symphony1 temporaly1 temporaries1 thud1 tuning1 unheard1 vocals1 voiced1 voicepulse1 voiched1 whirlpool1 whirlwind1 whirring1 whistled1
sorry1223 rue174 pain147 sad117 sadly68 painful46 sob21 alas20 suffer19 whining18 grief14 whine12 discourage10 unhappy10 despair9 disappointed8 plaintext8 suffering8 depressed6 depressing6 hopeless6 pains6 sadness6 suffered6 discouraged5 frowned5 miserably5 painting5 suffers5 frown4 lonely4 painlessly4 paint4 disappointment3 groan3 miserable3 moaning3 orphans3 painfully3 painless3 painted3 tragedy3 depression2 disappoint2 disappointing2 disappoints2 discourages2 discouraging2 downcast2 lonestarrubyconf2 orphaned2 painfull2 painters2 paintings2 repent2 sobs2 sorrow2 whines2 whinge2 whinges2 disappointingly1 disheartening1 dissatisfying1 frowns1 griefn1 groaning1 groans1 hopelessly1 hopelessnes1 humiliation1 lamented1 lone1 loneley1 loner1 lonesome1 misery1 moan1 moanads1 moaned1 mourn1 mourners1 mourning1 orphan1 painexception1 painfulyl1 painter1 paints1 saddened1 sobbing1 sombreros1 sorryi1 tragic1 wailing1 waill1 weep1 whiny1 woe1
pretty1205 aware121 fairly116 fair114 attention60 beautiful59 impression41 refresh33 impressive28 sensitive28 comfortable22 charm19 beauty16 physical15 impressed14 beautifully8 impress8 physically8 refreshing8 perception7 comfort6 fairy5 sensation4 perceive3 awareness2 faire2 impressions2 perceived2 refreshed2 refreshes2 revelation2 attentiion1 basketcase1 beautifullest1 charmed1 charming1 comfortably1 comforted1 comforts1 fairest1 fairhaven1 fairness1 fairnough1 fairplay1 impressing1 lush1 luxury1 perceptible1 perceptual1 prettyfy1 prettyness1 refreshses1 relish1 sensations1
fun545 funny268 happy236 joke131 glad77 cheers64 enjoy64 glade48 joking40 exciting32 jokes29 laugh29 excited28 grin27 gay26 joy26 amusing18 hilarious17 laughing15 humor14 amused11 happiness10 satisfied10 satisfy10 laughed8 smile8 enjoyed7 enjoyable6 laughs6 smiley6 cheer5 excitement5 gladly5 satisfaction5 enjoying4 enjoyment4 entertaining4 enthusiasm4 grind4 humour4 laughter4 amuses3 celebrate3 chuckle3 delightful3 enjoys3 satisfying3 celebration2 delight2 delighted2 entertain2 gladewindow2 glee2 grins2 humorous2 joyent2 rejoice2 relieve2 satisfies2 smileys2 smiling2 amuse1 amusement1 amusements1 amusingly1 blithely1 blithering1 cheerful1 cheerio1 chuckles1 chucklign1 chuckling1 delightfully1 delights1 enjoyin1 entertainment1 enthusiastic1 excitable1 excite1 excitingly1 excitment1 gayx1 gladexml1 gladiak1 gladiator1 gleefully1 gratification1 gratifying1 happyly1 happynormal1 happypenguin1 humoristically1 humorously1 joker1 jokin1 joyeur1 joys1 laughable1 laughably1 laugher1 laught1 relief1 relieved1 satisfactory1 satisfiable1 smily1 thrill1
top300 tree261 above212 high170 higher87 highlighting58 branch56 grow43 highly43 arch36 trees35 highlight32 heap29 sky29 upper29 uppercase28 highline24 highest23 height21 highlighted19 hung18 growing17 grows16 hungry16 branching15 ceil14 heaven14 slope13 sloppy12 tall12 pile11 highlights10 spirit10 bird9 piles9 slopes9 grown8 branches7 tower7 treeview7 cliff6 growl6 growth6 highlighter6 hill6 steep6 grew5 tops5 birds4 branched4 heaps4 highrise4 highschool4 hungarian4 peak4 pyramid4 summit4 heapsort3 heavens3 highway3 hills3 roof3 spiral3 treemodel3 airplane2 highlevel2 highrises2 hillo2 hunger2 slop2 spirited2 topping2 towers2 uppercased2 airplanes1 atmosphere1 birdies1 cliffhanger1 cliffstah1 elevate1 elevators1 grewd1 growable1 growse1 heaping1 heightfields1 heights1 highligther1 highnotes1 highs1 hillbillies1 hungryhungryhippo1 hungup1 ladderish1 lofts1 peaking1 peaktimes1 piling1 pyramids1 ridge1 sloppiness1 spirits1 spiritual1 steeples1 taller1 tallest1 tallies1 tally1 topped1 treeing1 treeiterators1 treelight1 uppercamelcase1 uppercasing1
cool997 child176 children75 freeze59 frozen36 cooler33 iceman32 snow27 cold26 ice22 coolblade19 north17 coolest15 iced12 freezes10 childclass9 chill9 coldfusion8 coolness8 freezing7 alaska6 cooling6 snowman6 winter6 childs5 childish4 cooloptions4 froze4 snowflake4 coolio3 icelandic3 northampton3 shiver3 snowcrystals3 alaskan2 chili2 chilli2 coolios2 icecap2 icewm2 icy2 northern2 polar2 shivers2 snows2 snowvision2 childrent1 childresn1 chillinwear1 chills1 coole1 cooled1 coolerguys1 coolfile1 coolies1 cooll1 freezer1 freezeups1 frosties1 frozeness1 hoarked1 iceandic1 iceberg1 iceruby1 icewater1 northeast1 northwest1 numb1 polarity1 sleet1 snowboarding1 snowcountry1 snowing1 snowjob1 snowshoes1 snowtypes1 snowy1
random365 char243 chars217 confused178 confusing145 chance106 confuse50 randomly49 confusion38 ambiguous33 wild29 confuses25 ambiguity17 randomize14 chances13 crowd11 wildcard11 ruin10 irregular9 randomness5 ruins5 crowded3 unruby3 wildcards3 confusingly2 irregularinfinitives2 jumbled2 litterally2 perplexed2 randomhacks2 ruining2 unrubyish2 anarchy1 chaos1 confusedly1 confusued1 crowds1 crowdy1 disorder1 entangled1 irregularity1 irregulars1 jungle1 labyrinth1 litter1 litteral1 littered1 mob1 randomaccessdoublelikedlist1 randomclasswithenummixedin1 randomfilename1 randomized1 randomizes1 ruined1 ruinius1 unrubischer1 unrubylike1 wildcarding1 wildcats1 wilderness1 wildlife1
game368 play242 playing153 games137 sigh88 player82 played71 art57 cry43 players25 plays20 dance18 hurray18 sight17 yellow17 scream14 screaming14 expressive12 dancing10 shout8 yell7 yelling7 arts6 gamer6 guitar6 sport6 horn5 playlist5 poetry5 screams5 shouts5 sports5 gameplay4 screamed4 barking3 cries3 dancer3 exclaims3 gamers3 poem3 sighup3 yelled3 barks2 clown2 gameboy2 gamerz2 hornets2 horns2 playa2 poetic2 roar2 shouting2 sighing2 sighs2 yellowdog2 bard1 bark1 barked1 carols1 crie1 dances1 exclaim1 expressiveness1 frolick1 gamecontainer1 gamedesign1 gamelogic1 gamemanager1 gameservers1 gameshotid1 harpies1 hurrah1 playback1 playername1 playful1 playgrid1 playground1 playin1 playinig1 playlists1 playoffs1 playstation1 shouted1 sighelptrappedinsignalfactory1 sighted1 sing1 sings1 violins1 yells1
crazy354 sleep265 insane112 hypnos110 intuitive49 oracle38 comavn37 dreamer32 awake31 mad30 maniac29 wake28 asleep21 insanely21 madness21 dream20 sleeping20 nightmare17 psychic16 paranoid12 fantasy11 dreaming10 sleeps10 insanity9 nap9 sleepy9 nightmares7 dreamhost6 unreasonable6 coma5 hibernate5 intuition5 wakes5 craziness4 dreams4 faint4 irrational4 neurosis4 revive4 comand3 crazystring3 irrationals3 wakarimasen3 waking3 awaken2 crazier2 doze2 intuitively2 lunatic2 oracles2 paranoia2 reveries2 wakeonlan2 wakeup2 wakka2 wakos2 asleept1 comamnds1 comapred1 craze1 crazies1 crazypeoplethatlikepopandidm1 crazyperson1 crazzzzay1 demented1 dozing1 dreamed1 dreamforge1 dreamsongs1 dreamweaver1 dreamworld1 enchant1 faintest1 fantasia1 fantasizing1 fever1 frenzy1 hypno1 hypnotize1 hysteria1 hysterically1 insaneness1 insaneregex1 insanitizable1 insanse1 intuit1 intuitivly1 irrationally1 maniacs1 meditated1 meditating1 nappies1 nightmareish1 nightmarish1 paranoidstring1 psychics1 psychotic1 revived1 sleepbrinkypeople1 sleepers1 sleepies1 sleeptime1 sleepytime1 sleepytown1
magic261 odd234 strange215 infinity118 secret61 incredibly43 unknown43 magical33 fantastic32 magick28 oddly24 magically23 mystring23 cryptic22 bizzare18 incredible18 unboundmethod18 mysteries17 odds15 unlimited12 secretly11 mystery9 secrets9 strangely9 crypticus8 mysterious8 mysteriously7 mystr5 unbound5 esoteric4 fantastically4 mystringa4 unbelievable4 enigma3 mystical3 oddball3 oddities3 strangest3 unimaginable3 bizzaro2 exotic2 inconceivable2 magicaldefinerubyclass2 magicla2 mystream2 occultism2 oddity2 stranger2 strangle2 unbounded2 unknowns2 enigmatic1 exoticly1 magicalized1 magicall1 magicalness1 magichelp1 magician1 magicians1 magicks1 magiclib1 magicmodels1 magics1 marvel1 marvelous1 mystified1 mystique1 mystringlikeobjectthatsactuallybroken1 mystrings1 mystuff1 nameless1 oddleguar1 oddness1 secretlifeoflobsters1 strangers1 transcend1 transcendental1 transcends1 unboundmethods1 unknownaction1 unknowningly1 unspeakable1
throw224 float170 hang82 floats80 throws72 throwing60 thrown50 fly48 jump45 hangs41 floating39 mount39 hover34 hanging29 swing29 threw26 mountain25 toss23 rise20 spring20 flying19 leap17 jumps16 jumped13 jumping10 hoverhell9 mounting8 lift6 arises5 mountainwest5 mounted5 mounth5 tossing5 bounce4 climb4 dangling4 dawn4 mounts4 rising4 ascending3 climbing3 tosses3 upward3 arise2 arisen2 dawned2 flight2 flights2 floatdomainerror2 floated2 flyfish2 hanged2 hangle2 hangon2 icarus2 jumpy2 leaps2 lifting2 mountains2 rises2 sunrise2 throwaway2 tossed2 wing2 wingding2 arish1 arising1 arose1 bounces1 bounch1 bouncing1 bouncy1 dawning1 flappin1 fled1 flew1 fling1 floates1 floaty1 fluttery1 flys1 flywheels1 hangout1 hangup1 hangups1 hovered1 hovering1 hoverstation1 hurls1 mountpoints1 springing1 springlobster1 springs1 springtime1 sprung1 swingbuilder1 tossinig1 tossup1 uphill1 upwardly1 upwards1
search431 firefox143 sun84 hot82 searching78 fire65 burn37 searched31 searches30 smoke29 firebug26 flame17 burned16 burning15 firewall15 flaming14 fired12 flamewar11 warm10 blast9 heat9 lit9 searchable9 smoking9 boil7 firewatir6 flamed6 flames6 blazing5 boilerplate5 boiling5 burns5 firebird5 flamewars5 melt5 burnt4 firedaemon4 sunny4 suns4 blaster3 boiler3 candle3 heated3 heating3 melted3 smoked3 solar3 ashes2 blasted2 blastwave2 boiled2 boils2 firearms2 fires2 firewalled2 flamingpenguin2 heater2 heatsink2 inflammatory2 melting2 melts2 searchinterest2 searchterm2 spark2 sparks2 warmly2 ash1 blasts1 blazes1 blazingly1 boilerplates1 burner1 burnout1 candles1 fiery1 firefighter1 firefix1 firegl1 firends1 firewallable1 firewalling1 firewire1 flamar1 flamebait1 flamesuit1 flamethrower1 flammable1 flamwar1 flamwary1 heaters1 inferno1 inflamitory1 searc1 searcg1 searchability1 searcher1 searchign1 searchinf1 searchpath1 searchpattern1 seared1 searh1 searhc1 smokin1 smokinglinux1 sparked1 sparking1 sparkly1 sunstroke1 warmer1 warming1
hard635 harder93 rock79 hardware78 hardly58 rocks47 solid43 hardcoded22 hardcore22 stone20 glass18 steel16 rocket14 ironruby13 hardest12 ironic12 nail12 irony11 iron10 stiff10 nails9 hardcoding8 ironically8 glasses7 hardened6 hardlinks5 stones5 brittle4 hardcode4 harddrive4 rocked4 rocking4 rockit4 brasileiro3 glassfish3 hardstatus3 ironpython3 nailed3 nailing3 pebbl3 stonecode3 stoned3 bronze2 crisp2 harddisk2 hardwired2 marbles2 rigid2 steely2 brasilian1 copper1 crispy1 glassware1 gravelly1 hardcodes1 hardcodings1 hardcopy1 harddrives1 harded1 hardness1 hardon1 hardrocks1 hardwood1 ironfroggy1 marble1 nailswithoout1 rigidity1 rocker1 rockers1 rockstar1 rocky1 solidariti1 solidified1 steelruby1 steeltoed1 stiffly1 stoneage1 stoning1
avoid188 worry175 trouble173 cares80 afraid74 scary67 fear64 worried50 dangerous42 worries37 alarm27 troubles27 avoiding24 scared19 horrific14 horror14 scare13 scares11 avoids9 shudder7 terrorists7 desperate6 nervous6 shy6 avoided5 terrorism5 troublesome5 desperately4 troubleshoot4 avoidance3 blush3 dangerously3 fears3 horrified3 horrors3 terror3 tremulous3 troubled3 alarms2 anxious2 crisis2 desperatly2 feared2 frightened2 horrifying2 terrific2 terrorist2 worrisome2 alarma1 alarmed1 alarmingdevelopment1 alarmlingly1 avoidable1 avoidingn1 blushed1 blushes1 desperation1 dread1 dreaded1 dreadfully1 fearful1 fearfulness1 fearing1 fearofthepointer1 fret1 frighteningly1 horrifies1 panicking1 panics1 shriek1 shudders1 shyner1 terrifically1 terrifying1 terrifyingly1 traumatic1 troubleshooters1 troubleshooting1 troubleshootings1 uneasy1
source721 sweet136 sources68 sourceforge61 taste47 spiceman32 delicious28 tasty25 tango19 tastes17 bitter11 sourcecode10 spicy6 spice4 bitterly3 flavor3 sourced3 spices3 tasted3 flavored2 flavors2 sourcemage2 sourcer2 spicific2 sweetness2 tangent2 tangential2 tangled2 tasteless2 tastic2 tasting2 bitterness1 deliciously1 savour1 sourc1 sourcefiles1 sourceparser1 sourcepath1 sourece1 sourse1 sweeter1 sweetest1 sweetie1 tangentially1 tangible1 tangle1 tartan1 tasteful1 tasteh1 tastiest1 tasts1
under324 root191 deep129 low108 lower65 bottom59 depth38 below36 lowercase27 deeper20 hole20 holes14 underneath13 lowest12 deeply10 ditch10 tunnel10 roots8 cave6 valley6 caveats5 downwards4 rooted4 beneath3 caveat3 cavemen3 deepcopy3 ditched3 tunnels3 caverns2 deepest2 lowercased2 lowered2 lowering2 pit2 pits2 pitty2 tunnelling2 underground2 bottombi1 bottomoftheline1 canyon1 canyonsworldwide1 caveman1 cavepaintings1 cavett1 cellar1 deepclone1 deepdup1 deepr1 deepsleep1 deepthoughts1 deepthroat1 deepy1 depths1 ditches1 ditching1 downwardscompatible1 gutter1 lowercases1 lowercasing1 lowing1 lowlevel1 lowlife1 pittance1 pittsburgh1 raving1 ravings1 rootcaertificate1 rootcertificate1 rootfs1 rooting1 rootofproject1 submarinechannel1 tunneling1
shit278 mess139 defiler111 dirty70 messing43 shitty42 danke25 lousy22 pissed21 piss19 mud18 arse17 asshole13 anal12 pisses12 pissing12 dirt11 messes10 disgusting9 filthy9 disgust8 rot8 shattered7 stalled6 stallman6 shits5 stale5 assholes4 fart4 muds4 ooze4 rotting4 shite4 stalking4 stink4 stinks4 asses3 farts3 fecal3 pissy3 pollute3 rotten3 stinking3 stinky3 bile2 defile2 enema2 maggoting2 muddy2 oozes2 polluting2 pollution2 rots2 shatteredruby2 shittier2 shitting2 slimy2 stalling2 stinkin2 sweat2 unclean2 anus1 assholers1 bowels1 cesspool1 clot1 danks1 dirtest1 dirtier1 dirtystring1 disgusts1 dung1 excretement1 feces1 filth1 filthytheif1 muddying1 oozing1 outhouse1 outhouses1 pissin1 pisstake1 pollutes1 rancid1 reek1 reeks1 scumbag1 scummvm1 shatner1 shatter1 shattering1 shitfm1 shitload1 shitr1 shittastic1 shitton1 smear1 smeared1 soil1 soiled1 stalemate1 stalked1 stalker1 stallmacs1 stallmanism1 stalls1 stinko1 sweater1 unwashed1 urinary1
base318 drop139 dig54 fall49 digg30 digging21 slides19 falls18 descent15 falling15 fallback12 descendant11 descending11 dive11 sink10 descendants9 slide9 bases8 drops8 lean8 slip8 fell7 fella7 fellow7 slideshow7 dip6 dug6 buried5 descended5 leaning5 slider5 descend4 diversity4 fallen4 fellas4 slipped4 diveintomark3 diverge3 diverse3 downhill3 sliders3 stoopid3 bury2 diggin2 diverged2 fallbacks2 fallowing2 fallthrough2 leanshen2 sank2 sinking2 sliding2 slippers2 tumblelog2 tumblin2 burial1 buries1 descendands1 descendend1 descendents1 digged1 diggnation1 dipping1 dips1 diveintopython1 diversified1 droop1 drooping1 fallujah1 fellows1 fellowshit1 leanrted1 leans1 plunge1 plunging1 sinks1 slideshare1 slippage1 slippery1 slipping1 slipups1 stoop1 stoopaaaad1 sunken1 sunkin1 tumble1 tumbleblog1 tumbleloggable1 tumblelogging1 tumbling1 tumblog1
stream138 dew86 dammit70 water68 streams22 bucket20 sea20 flood19 pool18 rain18 streaming18 liquid14 ocean14 wether14 bubble10 wet8 shower7 raining6 river6 showers6 steam6 wash6 brooklyn5 buckets5 dams5 dike5 lake5 moss5 bathroom4 bubbles4 dam4 fountain4 pondered4 pondering4 streamed4 swim4 washing4 waters4 beach3 bubblebabble3 damm3 flooding3 fluid3 pond3 ponder3 swamp3 bath2 beachfront2 flooders2 moisture2 ponders2 pooler2 pools2 poured2 pouring2 rainy2 shore2 surf2 swampmac2 swimming2 trickle2 watercolor2 watermarking2 watermelons2 bathwater1 brooks1 brooksey1 bubblebath1 bubblewords1 bubbling1 bubbly1 creek1 damme1 dammed1 damper1 dikes1 drip1 dripping1 fluids1 humid1 humidifier1 humidity1 moist1 oceanographic1 pour1 rainbow1 rainer1 rainevirta1 riverwalk1 soak1 soaked1 soaker1 sprinklers1 sprinkles1 steamer1 steaming1 steampowered1 streamline1 streamlining1 streamparser1 surfing1 tides1 wade1 waded1 wading1 washcloths1 washed1 washers1 washington1 washy1 waterbears1 watercolors1 watercolour1 waterfalls1 watermark1 waterproofed1 waterred1
fuck214 fucking115 bitch51 fucked51 sex41 sexy35 penis18 kiss16 venue16 fucks14 naked13 bitching11 bitches9 fuckin7 masturbation7 whore6 penisland5 penius5 sexual5 trollop5 nude4 perverse4 bitchy3 obscene3 perversely3 pregnant3 rape3 shameless3 trollopts3 whoring3 fucker2 fuckers2 incestuous2 orginally2 orginizes2 penises2 pervert2 vaginas2 allure1 alluring1 circumcised1 courtesans1 cunt1 erotic1 fuckall1 fuckallforever1 fuckedstring1 fuckedup1 fucken1 fuckiing1 fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk1 fucklot1 fuckup1 fuckups1 fucky1 homosexual1 incest1 kissed1 kisses1 kissing1 kissity1 kissyfa1 masturbate1 masturbatory1 orgin1 orginals1 orgininal1 orgy1 perversions1 procreate1 prostitute1 pubic1 raped1 rapes1 satyr1 sexually1 shamelessly1 slut1 slutty1 undrestand1 vagina1 venereal1 venues1 whores1
screen191 mistake91 vague32 mistakes30 vaguely29 obscure28 screenshot25 mistaken24 screencast17 screenshots16 shadrack16 dim9 shadows9 unclear9 shade7 blurry6 screencasts6 screens6 shadow6 vaporware6 curtain5 screencasting5 cloud4 mistakenly4 shadowed4 fading3 foggy3 indefinite3 indefinitely3 mistyped3 obscurity3 screenscrape3 screenscraping3 shadowing3 shadowmaster3 shady3 blur2 blurred2 fade2 fog2 hazy2 mister2 nebulous2 screenfull2 screensaver2 shaddup2 shadenfreude2 shading2 uncertain2 uncertainty2 blurs1 blurting1 clouding1 dimmensional1 dimminishing1 dimms1 dims1 faded1 fogginess1 indefinitly1 mist1 mistaking1 mistargeted1 mistell1 misterious1 misteriously1 mistical1 mistook1 mistranslated1 mistrusting1 mistype1 obscurely1 obscuring1 screenage1 screenn1 screenname1 screenrc1 screenspace1 screenwise1 screenwize1 screenwriter1 shaddap1 shaden1 shader1 shades1 twilight1 vaguaies1 vaguelyrelated1 vagueness1 vaporavi1 vaporbase1 vaporize1 vaporized1
expand100 twisted63 roll54 quake25 wave25 spread21 expanded20 spasmface20 spin20 rolling18 expands17 rotate15 spreadsheet14 rotation13 expansion12 rolled12 rolls12 jerk11 expanding10 spreading9 activity8 roles8 rollback8 twister8 orbital6 twist5 pitch4 rotates4 rotating4 shakespeare4 twistedmatrix4 twisty4 orbit3 pitching3 spinning3 spreadsheets3 stir3 sway3 twisting3 activities2 flounder2 jerks2 roller2 rollin2 rotated2 shaking2 shaky2 shook2 spine2 spinner2 stirng2 stirred2 twitch2 waving2 agitated1 agitating1 expando1 expansions1 expansive1 floundering1 flurry1 jerkin1 jerkoff1 pulsat1 pulse1 pulsit1 quakenet1 reel1 revolve1 revolves1 roleplay1 rolin1 rollbacks1 rollers1 rollout1 rollover1 rotations1 shaken1 shakes1 shakespear1 shakespearean1 spinach1 spinbutton1 spindle1 sping1 spinnin1 spinoffs1 spins1 spreads1 stirner1 swaying1 twisters1 twists1 twitched1 vibrates1 waved1 waves1 wobbling1
drive73 driver60 driven36 drivers34 ship34 rovar32 ships26 drives21 driving20 navigation20 shipping18 shipped14 migration13 explore12 explorer12 migrations12 ride12 travel12 migrate11 trip9 chasetoys7 desert7 pilgrim7 stray7 vagabond7 migrated6 chase5 exploring5 riding5 explored4 migrating4 navigate4 tour4 travels4 chasing3 cruise3 cruisecontrol3 drivel3 journey3 sail3 traveled3 trips3 navigating2 navigator2 roam2 rode2 sailor2 shippable2 tourney2 traveling2 travelistic2 trek2 tripped2 wandered2 wandering2 chasm1 cruiser1 cruises1 deserts1 driveby1 drivenness1 driveway1 emigrate1 exploration1 explorations1 exploratory1 immigrant1 navigatable1 nomad1 ridingrails1 rovers1 sailors1 tourble1 touretts1 tourist1 travelers1 travelled1 travelling1 trekkie1 triplesec1 tripod1 trippin1 tripping1 tripple1 tripwire1 voyagers1 voyages1 wander1
software261 mildog71 softwares28 soft19 mildly11 gentle10 gentlemen8 gently8 fluffy5 softly4 delicate3 gentleman2 tingling2 whispering2 fluffytemptationsofwheat1 gentlecms1 gentlepeople1 lacing1 mild1 mildy1 silkysmooth1 softener1 softwaremap1 ting1 tingles1 tingly1 whisper1
touch83 scratch43 slick27 touched22 contact21 rub19 touche14 touching11 contacts10 rubbish10 rubber9 smoothop9 texture9 touches9 smooth8 thick8 smoothing6 coarse5 rubbing5 smoothly5 sting5 itch4 brushed3 contacted3 massage3 scratcher3 scratching3 slicker3 textures3 brush2 brushing2 itching2 rubby2 scratched2 slickest2 stroke2 strokes2 brushes1 cuddle1 cuddly1 itchy1 massages1 massaging1 rubberducking1 rubble1 scratchdisk1 scratches1 smoothed1 smoother1 stings1 thickens1 thicker1 thickness1 tickletux1 touchscreen1
forever83 endless11 eternal10 permanent9 continuously8 permanently8 lifetime7 century6 continuous5 endlessly5 eternity3 eternally2 undying2 continual1 continually1 endurance1 endure1 eonly1 eons1 forevergeek1 immortal1 outlive1 perpetual1
smell19 smells16 breath12 nose10 sniffing6 sniff5 sniffer5 smelly4 breathe3 noses3 smelled2 breathed1 breathtaking1 incense1 incensed1 odor1
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