February 11, 2004
OpenMCl 0.14.1

OpenMCL 0.14.1 has been released. Gary Byers says

OpenMCL 0.14.1 is one of a series of OpenMCL releases that uses native (POSIX) threads internally, incorporates a large subset of the MOP, and offers other features and architectural changes relative to earlier versions.

Unlike previous 0.14 releases, 0.14.1 calls itself a “beta”: this is certainly subjective, but I think that it's at least as stable and feature-complete as the 0.13 and earlier releases generally were.

One significant change is improved integration between CLOS and Objective C. “... ObjC classes and metaclasses are recognized as CLOS class objects: subclasses can be defined via DEFCLASS (with suitable arguments), instances can be created via MAKE-INSTANCE.”

Posted by jjwiseman at February 11, 2004 08:31 AM
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