October 22, 2005

marty walsh's presto hotdogger

Lispjobs.com is a nicely edited list of Lisp-relevant job postings.

Senior Software Engineer: Franz, Inc.. See also craigslist. Lisp use: triple-plus-good; tags: compiler theory and design; other languages: C, C++, Java; salary: $75k-$90k base DOE + benefits package.; location: Oakland, CA; posted: 2005-10-18.

Common Lisp Scientific Programmer: SRI. Lisp use: double-plus-good; tags: human genome, ai; other languages: ; salary:unknown; location: Menlo Park, CA; posted: 2005-10-18.

An RSS feed would be nice...

Posted by jjwiseman at October 22, 2005 04:02 PM

A less ugly page would be nice. And perhaps a warning that they wanted the domain lispjobs.us and accidently got lispjobs.com

Posted by: Stefan Scholl on October 23, 2005 03:08 AM
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