April 26, 2003

I missed Dave Eggers, Sarah Vowell and They Might Be Giants at UCLA, which might be a good thing.

[they might be giants]

I also missed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love that their first release was a 13 minute long EP.

[karen o gives it all she fucking has]

Then there's Coachella, which I am missing right now. Beastie Boys, N*E*R*D, Queens of the Stone Age, Ladytron, and Sonic Youth. What a lineup.

However, thanks to squishy I did not miss the video for Beautiful, by Snoop, featuring Pharrell of N*E*R*D.

[pharrell and snoop]

I hope you're not expecting me to use Snoop slang or something now. At this point I don't think I'd be surprised if my mom called and said “Visit Chicago this summer, fo shizzle.”

Posted by jjwiseman at April 26, 2003 11:44 AM
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