June 25, 2003
ACL Prompt

Franz, in an effort to help expose more people to Lisp, has put up an online interactive lisp prompt. You can access it via telnet or a little java applet.

Lisa Fettner of Franz says

Although it's still in a pretty rough form -- it's not a full blown version (there's no editor or IDE) -- users can try out different coding exercises to help them get a feel for how Lisp works, without having to download or install any software.

Franz would like your feedback on the prompt. Feel free to leave comments here.

Posted by jjwiseman at June 25, 2003 01:30 PM

Cool, they even have the free "Trail" version.

Now with raisins?

Posted by: on June 25, 2003 01:43 PM

Note for debian users: "apt-get install " is fewer keystrokes than "telnet prompt.franz.com" :-)

Posted by: Luke Gorrie on June 26, 2003 12:58 AM

apt-get install allegro?


Posted by: on October 6, 2006 08:36 PM
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