October 02, 2003
Circle CD

yumiko kayukawa

Oops, I forgot to mention circle here (actually, it's “cirCLe”, but I don't think I could bear to keep typing it, or reading it, like that).

circle aims to be (i.e., it does not yet exist) metacircle's “open source 'whole product' production-quality Common Lisp environment targeted at the GNU/Linux operating system.” It's based on SBCL, and will include a package manager, a web server, database support, GUI stuff, and sockets; all tested and working in unison. I guess it is trying to be an open source equivalent of a full-featured commercial lisp environment.

Dan Barlow is considering selling a circle CD, which would be a bootable linux CD containing circle. Profit from the CD would go to fund Dan's work on “SBCL threading, CLiki, asdf and other Lisp software.”

If you're interested in the circle CD you might want to take the circle CD survey.

Posted by jjwiseman at October 02, 2003 06:19 PM
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