November 21, 2003

slime screenshot

Brian Mastenbrook sent a new screenshot of SLIME, and a description of some of its new features.

This is a multi-split Emacs window containing a lisp source file along with a number of other windows showing off some of SLIME's nice features. SLIME has integrated hyperspec lookup using Erik Naggum's code - C-c h on a symbol will bring up the hyperspec entry for that symbol in your choice of browser (here emacs-w3m). The bottom right corner shows off the SLIME Apropos: C-c a allows you to do an apropos and get the results in a nicely-formatted list with documentation. The top corner shows the SLIME REPL, which is a very unique feature. This REPL is actually connected to the lisp process over TCP - in fact, SBCL is not running as an inferior lisp to Emacs. It captures any terminal I/O and allows for interaction with a lisp function without losing the state of the communication, unlike an inferior-lisp process ala ilisp. Should the debugger be invoked from a SLIME process, it will provide restarts and a backtrace in a clickable list.

Other features not shown include highlighted compiler notes in the source window, lisp symbol completion ala ilisp, integrated DESCRIBE and DISASSEMBLE, and cross-referencing support on CMU Common Lisp.

Because some people on IRC were interested: the font in that screenshot is Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. See Brian's .emacs for color info.

Posted by jjwiseman at November 21, 2003 03:23 PM
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