December 03, 2003
Robotics at Comdex

PC Magazine has an article on robotics at Comdex.

There are some bits about Evolution in there, including this praise of our vision libraries:

Evolution Robotics gave me a copy of its ER Vision demo. The utility demonstrates how the company's visual recognition environment works. I can see why Sony picked the product and why these other robotics companies are so hot to use it. I installed the demo, and within minutes I was using my portable Logitech camera to train it on my face, my children's faces, and the image of a sneaker.

And this little bit:

...there is currently no agreed-upon OS standard for robotics, and Evolution Robotics may, as a supplier of robot SDKs for multiple vendors, be in a particularly good position to develop the first. Still, I doubt the company will succeed in that. There's simply too much disparate robotics research going on around the world for anyone to accept and adopt one consistent code as the base for a complex robotic system.

Posted by jjwiseman at December 03, 2003 01:29 PM
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